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Women in Love, the social initiative of December 2 in Venice



During the Rome Film Fest, the artistic and social project Women in love conceived by Benedetta Paravia was successfully presented to Alice nella Città. Princess Bee of the Arab world takes sides against female genital mutilation.

The social initiative will be visible on December 2, 2022 in Venice. The project is part of Benedetta’s ongoing commitment to protecting human and women’s rights. The conference was also attended by actress Asia Argento (ambassador of the Women in love project) and former parliamentarian Souad Sbai, who has always been committed to defending women and immigrants.

Women in Love, the commitment of Benedetta Paravia

“Women in love is an artistic, cultural and humanitarian project that I have been thinking about since my adolescence – says Paravia – that I have been able to carry out today. Thanks to my continuous travels abroad, I have always devoted myself to particular issues, for the protection of human rights, especially of women and children. This crime of female genital mutilation has always touched me deeply. I thought of doing something that could represent a break in order to contrast, through images, the strength of feminine nature against crime and the violence of mutilation”.

Seven video art NFTs were then created with the collaboration of Daniele Pedone, director of photography. All thanks to seven volunteers who showed their “power” in pink for this good cause, as opposed to this crime, which unfortunately is still being perpetrated in Italy today. There are about 4,000 cases per year, due to (uncontrollable) migration flows. Far. 7 of January 9, 2006 against female genital mutilation was strongly desired by the Honorable Sbai. Even today, despite the slightest incidence in Italy, many families secretly practice this violence on the bodies of girls and boys. In addition, in total lack of hygiene and safety. Complications are terrible physically and psychologically.

Asia Argento’s commentary

“For a long time – adds Argento – the pleasure of women and female freedom have been subjugated by men. The practice of female genital mutilation and various other abuses is lost in the mists of time. It’s a horrible thing and we’re trying to change something here today. Above all, we must go abroad and help the NGOs to educate women to rebel against this violence, by making them understand why. Equally serious, this act is practiced by women on women. It is the mothers who, in order to have their daughters accepted by society, indulge in these practices, sowing terrible suffering”.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, the Women in Love exhibition will open on December 2 (at 5 p.m. for the media and from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. for guests) at the Palazzo Bembo in Venice. The event will be in collaboration with the international gallery ITSLIQUID GROUP. The 7 video art NFTs will be auctioned off in a charity auction with proceeds going towards free surgeries for FGM victims to restore the pre-violence status quo.

Who Benedetta Paravia, creator of Women in Love

Multifaceted artist and creative producer Benedetta Paravia, aka Princess Bee, has returned to Italy from the United Arab Emirates, where she works bridging the Middle East and Europe through culture, university education , songs (including one for peace, Angels, sponsored by UNESCO), books, television and cross-media programs for women, fashion shows, art exhibitions and solidarity. She is the most famous Italian in the Arab world. The only person allowed so far, inside the Cairo Museum, for a photo op and an icon of his beloved adopted city: Dubai. She is also the pride of Google with 100% positive news dedicated to her. He collaborates with La Repubblica and RepTV.

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