Winona Ryder turns 51! We have selected 8 perfect films of the actress for HALLOWEEN….



Actress Winona Ryder turned 51 yesterday, November 28. The actress began her career on the big screen at a very young age, and her youthful appearance guaranteed her a feeling of eternal adolescence for a long time. Once considered the best actress of her generation, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Ryder was one of the hottest performers at the time that big names wanted to work with. During this period it was commissioned by names such as Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola and Tim Burton, for example.

After her personal problems with kleptomania and her conviction at trial for petty theft of clothes in shopping centers in 2002 are made public, the reputation of the actress will be tarnished, marking her career and relegating her to small roles. A second chance was given to Ryder in 2016, when he landed in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things.

Ryder is a talented actress who deserves new chances and our respect. In order to honor the 51 years of this emblematic artist who has everything to do with the 80s and 90s, and whose birthday is very close to Halloween, we have selected from her filmography the most suitable productions for a Halloween party. ‘Halloween, it’s up to you to pass the date next to the actress. Check it out below.

Edward Scissorhands

Two years later, Ryder joined director Tim Burton for a new plot that had airs of surrealism and fantasy, this one fitting perfectly for Halloween and Christmas. What Burton delivers here is a subversion of the classic Frankenstein tale – with a young man artificially created by an inventor (played by the legendary Vincent Price). The detail is that the “father” of the creature, which receives the name Edward, leaves the work unfinished, with scissors instead of his hands. This film marks the epicenter of the love story between Ryder and Johnny Depp, who play protagonist Edward and his crush, young Kim. The relationship between the famous couple lasted from 1989 to 1993.

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Ghosts have fun

Few 1980s movies scream Halloween quite like Beetlejuice. If director Tim Burton doesn’t pull the long-awaited sequel out of his hat, this 1988 neoclassic is worth revisiting. his parents to a mansion. It turns out there are the spirits of the previous owners, a couple played by Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis. In order to get rid of the new tenants, the ghosts decide to enlist the services of Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton), an “arrogant” entity, who is quite simply one of the best comedy movie characters in history.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

As said, Winona Ryder was a hot name everyone wanted to work with, and that even included Godfather creator Francis Ford Coppola. The actress found herself in the director’s sights for the conclusion of his trilogy, released in 1990. Coppola wanted Ryder in the role of Mary, daughter of Michael Corleone, interpreted for the third time by Al Pacino. However, the actress found herself exhausted and ill after releasing no less than three films in 1990, thus having to withdraw from the project, which left Coppola with little choice, having to hand the role over to her daughter Sofia. However, in order to “correct” things with the prestigious filmmaker, Ryder entrusted the script for this film to Coppola, making the classic text a project that they could work on together. In the most famous vampire story of all time, Ryder plays Mina Murray, the “bride” of an immortal prince. Coppola and Ryder’s Dracula is a visual delight, as well as a modern classic and a great choice for Halloween.

Deadly attraction

In the middle of the two collaborations with Tim Burton mentioned above, Winona Ryder found the time to put this Heathers in 1989, a film that has become cult over the years. Here, she plays Veronica, a high school girl tired of her classmates, three snobbish preppy girls who share the same name: Heather (played by Shannen Doherty, Kim Walker and Lisanne Falk). With the help of a sociopathic rebel (Christian Slater), she ends up accidentally killing one of them. And that’s where the film takes a turn to the dark side, because after the fact, the duo come up with new “executions” for these dockside teens. The idea was recently brought to television in a series.

Alien – The Resurrection

The Alien franchise started overwhelmingly with the 1979 film, directed by Ridley Scott, still considered a benchmark in its genre. Then it moved on to an even more ambitious production, which not only served to mark the franchise in pop culture and establish James Cameron as an imposing name in the industry, but also to make a large part of the fans choose the suite as their favorite. After the third part, which nearly ended David Fincher’s film career before it even started, the franchise tried its luck again, and to give the project prestige, two big names were recruited. The first is that of Winona Ryder, who does an effective double with Sigourney Weaver, functioning well as the compass and true protagonist of this fourth example. And the second is French director Jean-Pierre Jeneut (The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulin), a filmmaker with a unique visual style.

The Salem Witches

Speaking of Halloween, this movie is all about the date, right down to its title. However, don’t expect witches in their most famous sense, which is with flying broomsticks, spells, and cauldrons. This feature is more about the drama of how women were actually considered witches in this medieval era. Set in Salem in the year 1692, Ryder embodies a questionable and manipulative character who makes an art of slander. Reviving the partnership with the famous Daniel Day-Lewis (started in The Age of Innocence by Scorsese), the actors embody the forbidden lovers. The fear here is provided by the cruelty of man himself, who, playing God, decided who should live and who should be burned at the stake.


We begin the list with two partnerships between Winona Ryder and director Tim Burton, responsible for some of the most famous films in her filmography. And in 2012, the long-awaited new collaboration between the artists finally saw the light of day. It is an animation in stop-motion format, a specialty of the director, who began his career as an animation technician at Disney. We still want a Burton-directed live-action movie for Ryder, but in the meantime, this affectionate animated production fits the bill, doing the job well of being a very aptly named film for this date. This is the feature film version of one of the earliest works of Burton’s career, a short film of the same name, shot in live action. Here, the director opts for animation, to once again pay homage to the classic Frankenstein, by exchanging the living dead for an adorable puppy, brought back to life by its owner. Ryder voices the character of Elsa Van Helsing.


Around this time, Winona Ryder’s career was starting to go off the rails slightly. So much so that it’s a film that few, even among fans of the actress, remember or know about. But that the one who writes to you has reached the peak of cinema viewing. Straddling the demonic end-of-the-world films that were very popular at the time – see End of Days, Stigmata and The Daughter of Light – this Domination features Ryder as a woman who survived demonic possession and an exorcism. , and made it his mission to prevent the devil from returning to Earth, alongside a group of Catholic priests. She discovers that the next victim of the apocalypse is an atheist journalist, who will serve as a vessel for bad things to destroy our planet.

Bonus: Stranger Things

As Joyce Byers, Winona Ryder made a career about-face, and was once again a name on everyone’s lips. The Netflix series has become a real phenomenon and made its young cast an overnight sensation. Ryder was the project’s best-known name, a risky bet by the company (which at the time didn’t have the size it has today) that ended up winning. The plot mixes secret US government science experiments, involving extrasensory gifts such as telekinesis, teleportation, and portals to other dimensions. Needless to say, we have a lot of supernatural horror, fiction, and suspense elements here. But the show’s grace is the inseparable group of friends, which pays a very welcome homage to the genre of film that was hugely successful during Ryder’s teenage years in the ’80s. Here, the actress plays the mother of one of the boys, who disappears.. right away, and it’s his disappearance that spins the show’s first season. Stranger Things is now in its fourth year.

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