Winona Ryder – 51 years old | 10 productions to watch with the iconic actress



During the civil war, a mother of 4 daughters has serious financial problems, while her husband is at the front. The more intellectual of the sisters, Jo (Ryder), who dreams of being a writer, is courted by a rich neighbor, but when he declares himself, she rejects him and goes to live in New York, where she befriends a professor. . But when news arrives that one of her sisters’ health has deteriorated dramatically, she returns home.

In Salem, Massachusetts, 1692, some young women do “spells”. One of them, Abigail Williams (Ryder), had been involved with John Proctor (Daniel Day-Lewis), a married farmer, when she worked for him, but after the affair ended, she was fired . Thus, he wished the death of Elizabeth Proctor (Joan Allen), his wife. They are discovered in their “ritual” and, accused of witchcraft, cause a collective hysteria which affects several people, and Abby, the young woman despised by John, makes several accusations until Elizabeth is beaten.


In the fourth installment of the iconic “Alien” franchise, Ryder co-stars with Sigourney Weaver and plays Annalee Call, the newest member of the spaceship Betty crew. She recognizes Ripley and has significant knowledge about xenomorphs. Throughout the film, Call is revealed to be a synthetic and helps the surviving members maintain a relationship with Auriga.


In 1967, after a session with a psychoanalyst she had never seen before, Susanna Kaysen (Ryder) was diagnosed with “uncertain personality order” – a condition with symptoms so ambiguous that anyone which teenage girl could be trapped. Sent to a psychiatric hospital, she discovers a new world populated by attractive and troubled young girls. Among them is Lisa (Angelina Jolie), a charming sociopath who plans an escape.


In what has become one of her most well-known and acclaimed roles, Ryder played Joyce Byers on the beloved sci-fi series “Stranger Things.” Receiving multiple accolades for her incredible performance, the actress played the mother of a twelve-year-old boy who mysteriously disappears and sets her and a few allies on a journey of reunion that involves secret experiments in the small town of Hawkins and haunting creatures that lurk in the darkness.

In “The Plot Against America”, Charles Lindbergh, the historically populist aviation hero, defeats Franklin D. Roosevelt and becomes President of the United States. As soon as he assumed the government post, the nation gradually adopted increasingly fascist tendencies. In the production, Ryder plays Evelyn Finkel, an independent woman who doesn’t want to get married. Additionally, Evelyn is the sister of Bess, wife of Herman Levin, a socialist insurance agent who rows against rising ideology in the United States.

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