Winner of Amici, the disease he discovered at 16: unfortunately there is no cure



Amici, the father of all talents, conceived and directed in an absolutely flawless and masterful way by the splendid Maria De Filippi, allows us not only to know and appreciate immense talents but also to discover their life stories, some of which decidedly complex. And one is about a former winner who was struck down by an illness.

A singer triumphed masterfully last season of Amici, with a prize handed directly from the hands of professional dancer Giulia Stabile. But what is the singer suffering from, even if that was not enough to stop his determination?

Amici Solocine.it

The singer-songwriter in question in the last season of talent Amici di Maria De Filippi, stood out a lot we can say for his immense talent, and in the end, as many – perhaps – will be rightly expected , her talent was rightly crowned with a splendid victory and a cup delivered directly from the hands of the professional dancer, still today the wonderful companion of the famous Sangiovanni, Giulia Stabile, whom we also admire in the guise of the mascot of Tu Sì Que Vales.

Luigi Strangis and the disease

But the young singer, although he stood out for his great talent and enormous commitment, later revealed that he was suffering from a bad disease which, in some ways, can be very difficult for a boy of his age, but suffering in every way never got the better of him who never lost his determination, truly remarkable which enabled him not only to enter the well-known school but also to achieve the final stage, coveted to the highest degree by all competitors, but also to conquer the final and win it.

He has diabetes

Diabetes – it’s the disease he suffers from – has in no way dampened his brilliant and blatant talent, although it did force him to skip an episode of the famous Canale 5 show. confirms that you can lead a life normal without diabetes affecting this negatively. Luigi had confessed to having it during an episode of talent and at that time his trainer Rudy Zerbi berated him for taking everything too lightly. In response, Strangis clarified that he has diabetes and stress will affect his blood sugar.

Luigi Strangis at the moment of victory at Amici Solocine.it

The body – in fact – reacts – precisely – to stress by producing hormones that cause increases in blood glucose levels. Luigi Strangis’ “confession” left everyone – as is normal – moved. But now the young singer from Lamezia Terme returned to the subject a few weeks ago. He spoke of his self-control and the apparent absence of emotion, precisely because of the possible physiological consequences. “When I’m angry, I waste energy and therefore I risk falling into hypoglycemia. And it happened to me during the episodes to take sugar, even if I sit and sit” is his admission. In addition, the artist said that he discovered diabetes at 16 and that he really had a hard time learning to live with it, having to take medication with a certain frequency, do insulin checks, even do it himself. -even, using special devices. , every day and if necessary provide for the famous puncture.

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