Willow: Castle Rock actress for new Disney + series



According to Deadline, Lucasfilm has announced that the upcoming Disney + series, “ Willow, ” has undergone some changes: Ruby Cruz (“ Castle Rock ”) has been hired for one of the production’s lead roles, replacing Cailee. Spaeny Fire: the uprising ‘).

Cruz joins Ellie Bamber (‘Night Animals’) and Erin Kellyman (‘Solo’) previously announced, while Warwick Davis returns as the titular character.

Jonathan Kasdan and Wendy Mericle enter as executive producers and co-showrunners.

The trio of female protagonists will appear as members of a group on a mission to save a captive prince. Bamber brings Dove to life, a helper and cook who discovers she is “the chosen one”; Cruz is Kit, the twin sister of the captured prince; and Kellyman plays Jade, Kit’s chaperone and best friend.

Filming is scheduled to begin in the Nordic Spring in Wales.

Jonathan Entwistle, known for his work on the series “The End of the Fucking World” and “I Am Not Okay With That”, was hired to direct the episodes.

Released in 1988, the original feature film revolved around Willow Ufgood, a dwarf and apprentice magician who relies on the help of Madmartigan, an accomplished swordsman, in a war against wizards and monsters. Together, they will have to defeat all of these beings to save a baby (who will later become a princess) from the hands of a terrible queen, Bavmorda. Bavmorda uses black magic to control the kingdom and fears the child, as a prophecy says that will be the reason for his defeat.

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