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William furious at Diana’s interview with The Crown



Netflix has worked to recreate clips from Princess Diana’s 1995 encounter with journalist Martin Bashir. Indeed, in the fifth season of The Crown, the public will see the historic interview. A choice that has enraged Prince William, who thinks the streaming giant is taking advantage of the situation for his benefit.

A palace source told The Telegraph the Prince of Wales had made his feelings “very clear” about the choice of Netflix. This is not the first time that Prince William has expressed his dissent from the choices of the producers of the television series in the face of events concerning his mother.

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The sources added that it was understandable that he was angry at the “dramatization for profit”. Also, the interview episode was investigated, from which it emerged that Bashir tricked Diana to get the interview. The journalist also later lied to BBC officials.

Prince William doesn’t approve of The Crown’s scene with Princess Diana

The fifth series of The Crown opens in 1991 and one of the key subjects is the deterioration of the marriage between Carlo, played by Dominic West, and Diana, played by Elizabeth Debicki. Netflix also included Princess Diana’s interview episode with Bashir, played by Prasanna Puwanarajah. The episode will show the plot hatched by the journalist to deceive the princess. But even though Netflix approaches the issue critically of Bashir, he still doesn’t find favor with Buckingham Palace and Prince William.

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In the past, Prince William has fought to have broadcasters stop airing this interview. In May last year, in fact, he declared: “I strongly believe that this program has no legitimacy and should never be broadcast again”. For many decades, multiple broadcasters repurposed the words of Princess Diana, who never knew she had been cheated on. The Prince of Wales is “very saddened by this”.

Ansa – Prince William and Lady Diana

As reported by the Daily Mail, however, the producers of The Crown continue to defend their choices. A spokesperson insisted the interview had “historical significance”. Certainly, King Charles will be no less disappointed, who will find his personal drama on the small screen in a very special period. A source told The Sun: ‘It couldn’t have come at a more sensitive time for the new king and his queen consort, especially as they face popular opinion.

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