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Will There Be ‘Everything Calls For Salvation’ Season 2 On Netflix?



Everything Calls For Salvation Season 2 Trailer

Waiting for Everything Calls For Salvation season 2? The Italian drama series focuses on the story of a young man in a psychiatric ward. He wakes up involuntarily committed to a mental hospital. He now needs to learn to live his life again.

The series explores Daniele’s and his fellow patients’ journey in the search for salvation. Everything Calls For Salvation is a different kind of story that we get to watch. It has been nominated for multiple accolades and won Best Italian Series and Best Supporting Actor.

According to Eleanora Andreatta, this is “a show that’s full of substance and mystery but also is very sensitive, from a production company that has won several prizes and afforded this difficult subject what it needed.” Let’s talk about the second season! 

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Is ‘Everything Calls For Salvation’ Season 2 Happening On Netflix?

Yes! Everything Calls For Salvation season 2 is officially happening. The series is renewed by the streaming platform Netflix. We will get to watch more of Daniele’s journey in the new season. Netflix announced this exciting news by sharing a photograph on social media.

Wondering about Everything Calls For Salvation season 2 release date now? Well, the team didn’t share much further details. We can expect it to be released by 2024! However, we still need official confirmation on the release date from Netflix. 

Everything Calls For Salvation Season 2 Release Date

The official synopsis of the series reads, “Daniele is a twenty-year-old with great sensitivity, who after a psychotic crisis, wakes up in the dormitory of a psychiatric ward together with five unlikely roommates with whom he thinks he has nothing in common, pressured by doctors who want to rummage in his brain and looked after by nurses who seem cynical and disinterested. 

But seven days are long and what at first seemed like a sentence slowly turns into one of the most intense and formative experiences of his life.”

What To Expect From Everything Calls For Salvation Season 2?

The second season of the series is going to be more in-depth. Daniele might have to suffer more than he did in the initial season. Considering the ending of the first season a whole new life is waiting for him.

In an interview, Cesari hinted about the challenges that his character will face in the coming season. He said, “What I can say is that my character will have to suffer more than before: After a week in TSO what will he have to endure? I’m worried.” In the coming days, we will receive more updates on the second season! 

Everything Calls For Salvation Season 2

The Audience Wants More Of ‘Everything Calls For Salvation’

It’s no secret that the series has received a lot of compliments from the audience. Everyone’s asking for more. Considering that, Netflix Vice President of Italian Originals Eleanora Andreatta made a statement on the series. 

Eleanora referred to Everything Calls For Salvation as a highly entertaining story that can break taboos. 

“It’s a story that looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the young generation, how we’re walking on a subtle line between being safe and the darkest times of our lives. We want highly entertaining stories that can also break taboos and challenge people.”

Will There Be ‘Everything Calls For Salvation’ Season 2 On Netflix

Eleanora then talked about the audience asking for more! “The audience is asking for more and more so to connect with them we have to be connected to the spirit of the time. We’re trying to build our slate: adaptation of big IP, original stories, and creating anti-hero narratives. Italy didn’t have those stories before.”

Cast Of Everything Calls For Salvation Season 2 

The cast list of the series has left a lasting impression on the audience. The way they have portrayed their characters is beyond words. We will probably get to watch the main characters of the series back in the role. The cast of the show follows:

  • Federico Cesari as Daniele Cenni
  • Fotinì Peluso as Nina Marinelli
  • Andrea Pennacchi as Mario
  • Vincenzo Crea as Gianluca
  • Lorenzo Renzi as Giorgio
  • Ricky Memphis as Pino
  • Vincenzo Nemolato as Madonnina
  • Filippo Nigro as Doctor Mancino
  • Carolina Crescentini as Giorgia
  • Alessandro Averone as Ludovico
  • Marco Valerio Bartocci as Giuseppe
  • Niccolò Ferrero as Damiano
  • Darix Folco as Luigi
  • Gabriele Berti as Marcello
  • Giacomo Mattia as Giovanni


It’s exciting to know that there’s another season of Everything Calls For Salvation is on the way. We will likely get more updates on it soon. The production of the series was expected to begin by August 2023.

If the team follows the same pace, we can expect the series to be released by 2024. In the meantime, you can stay tuned with us for recent updates on Everything Calls For Salvation season 2. Feel free to drop your speculations on the upcoming season in the comments section!

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1. Is Everything Calls For Salvation Based On A True Story?

The series is based on the author’s personal experience of mental illness. 

2. Is Everything Calls for Salvation worth watching?

Yes! The series is definitely worth watching as it focuses on a different kind of journey of Danielle. 

3. Where Can I Watch Everything Calls For Salvation?

You can catch up on Everything Calls For Salvation on the streaming platform Netflix.

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