Will “The Flash” have another Batman besides Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck? To verify!



In addition to reprising his role as Batman alongside Michael Keaton in “The Flash”, Ben Affleck will also star in the upcoming drama “The Tender Bar”, starring George Clooney.

Anyone who follows superhero movies knows that Clooney also played the Batman in “Batman & Robin”.

With that in mind, host Jimmy Kimmel asked Affleck if it was possible that we could see Clooney’s Batman in the Flash solo movie (Ezra Miller).

In response, Affleck said it was possible, but was unaware of Clooney’s involvement.

“He would definitely kick ass [como Batman]. But I don’t believe he’s in the movie. If he is he didn’t tell me, maybe he thought I was going to screw it up.

Either way, he said his coworker didn’t feel like wearing the superhero outfit anymore.

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“I would say it’s possible. He could hide the information because he is too careful. But as far as I know, he didn’t want to go back to wearing the pointy ears and the cape, so I don’t think that’s in ‘The Flash’. But who knows? I couldn’t even see Michael Keaton.

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Scheduled to premiere next year, ‘The Flash’ promises an epic time travel adventure when the hero decides to step back in time in an attempt to prevent his mother’s death.

And the plot will be marked by enormous emotional conflict, as director Andy Muschietti revealed during his appearance on the DC FanDome.

According to the comic, the filmmaker said that:

“As a superhero movie, ‘The Flash’ is a huge action adventure, but what really attracted me to the project was its emotional charge. The emotional conflict Barry brings to his journey. in the past was very convenient for me.

He continued:

“There is a very strong message behind this. I love time travel plots and all the elements that go with that idea, but the heart of the story is a boy looking for his mom, and that’s what attracted me to it. is what gave me that little emotional boost.

As fans already know, Nora Allen mysteriously died when Barry was just a child and her father was charged with murder.

After years of trying to prove his father’s innocence, Barry sees a chance to right the tragedy by realizing he has the power to turn back time.

It should be remembered that Muschietti revealed that the recording of the adaptation has already been completed.

To celebrate the completion, the filmmaker shared two behind-the-scenes footage: one confirming completion, the other featuring the film crew and star Ezra Miller in a mysterious outdoor location.

In caption, he wrote:

“What an adventure. Thanks to the whole crew and cast of ‘The Flash’ for doing their best every day.”

To verify:

“End of recording.”

The novelty comes just after the first official teaser of the film.

As well as showcasing the new hero costume look and two versions of Barry Allen, the preview shows the first look at Michael Keaton’s Batman return and his classic Batmobile.

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#TheFlash new teaser lets gooo #DCFanDome pic.twitter.com/4l3j65krWw

– A • ʬ (@dianaxprincee) October 16, 2021

Scheduled for release November 4, 2022, the adaptation will feature Barry Allen / Flash (Miller) traveling through time to prevent his mother’s murder. However, when he returns to the present, his mother is still alive…. but the world is a nightmare. The Justice League never existed and Barry must do everything to correct all his faults.

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