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Easily one of the most anticipated films of the year, “Casa Gucci” marks Lady Gaga’s return to the film scene after her grandiose debut with the famous “A Star Is Born”.

The Job, directed by Ridley Scott, has a solid cast that includes Adam Driver, Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons, Al Pacino and Salma Hayek – and promises to do well in the upcoming awards season, with a good chance of being nominated. for several categories. of the Oscars.

With the release of the second trailer for the feature film, we’ve put together a short list of who lives who in the ambitious project so you don’t get lost in the story.

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In the film, Gaga brings protagonist Patrizia Reggiani to life, who joined the Gucci family after bonding with heir to the Italian fashion empire, Maurizio. Patrizia did not know her father, and after her mother married a wealthy businessman, her life changed completely.

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In 1970, he meets Maurizio at a party and the two fall in love, marry two years later and begin a plot full of betrayals and mysteries. When Patrizia got involved in the brand’s affairs, she realized that her husband would not be able to maintain the status her uncle and grandfather had conceived, and after scandals involving a romantic affair and a troubled divorce in 1994, she hired a murderer on rent to kill her ex-husband – accused and convicted three years later.

Son of Rodolfo Gucci and Sandra Ravel, Maurizio Gucci is played by Adam Driver, known for works like “Star Wars” and “Story of a Marriage”. Maurizio moved to New York City in 1972 to work with his uncle, Aldo, at the namesake brand that topped the world’s catwalks.

Living in a luxurious penthouse in the Olympic Tower, he returned to Milan, his hometown, in the early 1980s, waging a legal war against his own uncle to take over all of Gucci’s decisions, becoming president of the brand and aggregating most of the actions after the father’s death. However, after starting a romantic affair, ending his marriage to Patrizia, and selling almost half of his shares to the investment fund Investcorp (the same one behind Tiffany jewelry), he practically painted a target on his back and , in 1995, was murdered at close range.

Paolo Gucci, played by Oscar winner Jared Leto in a shocking transformation, has always shown himself to be a troubled piece in the Italian brand’s complex machinery – and aspired to the presidency and control of Gucci. Although he became vice president through his own father, Paolo wanted more and had unbridled ambition.

In 1980 Paolo started a personal and secret business – but he made the mistake of using the Gucci name without telling his father or uncle, Rodolfo. When the two found out, they were furious and fired him from the brand in September of the same year. Soon after, Aldo, his father, sued him and threatened to cut off any raw material supplier who signed a contract with Paolo. It wasn’t long before he went bankrupt, two years before Maurizio’s murder.

Rodolfo Gucci was born in Florence, Italy, and was one of five children of Guccio Gucci, founder of the Italian brand of the same name. As well as becoming one of the makers of the brand years later, he also made a few forays into the film scene, using Maurizio D’Ancora.

After Guccio’s death, Rodolfo left the world of theater and returned home to take care of business. In 1952, he and his brothers, Aldo and Vasco, traveled to New York and opened the first Gucci store outside of Italy, expanding the business to the rest of the world. On his death in 1983, Maurizio, his son, inherited most of the shares and became the main partner.


Before Rodolfo, Aldo Gucci, played by the legendary Al Pacino, had worked hard at Gucci since he was twenty. He was even responsible for opening the brand’s first store outside Florence, in Rome, in 1938. Even during his “tenure”, the brand became a symbol of haute couture, especially after its appearance in the classic. “Romance in Italy”, by Roberto Rossellini.

After Vasco’s death, his other brother, he and Rodolgo split the business in two. Aldo, however, felt that Rodolfo’s children were not contributing enough to the growth of the business and, in an attempt to increase profits, he designed a subsidiary perfume brand and kept 80% of its control for himself and his children. The rivalry culminated in a family war and ultimately a deep battle with Maurizio, the godson.

Although not as prominent in the two trailers for the film, Pina Auriemma was instrumental in the assassination orchestrated by Patrizia, as she was the president’s best friend and also worked as a clairvoyant and practically confidant. all his life.

Portrayed by Oscar nominee Salma Hayek (“Frida”), Pina knew about her friend’s whole plan and remained silent. Sentenced as an alibi and an accomplice, as well as one of the organizers of the crime, she was sentenced to 25 years in prison and to a deposit of 250,000 euros.

Remember that the film is released on November 25 in national theaters.

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