Who Is UFC President Dana White’s Wife? All About Anne White



As president of the UFC, Dana White is known for running a successful business and being a strong leader in the fight sports industry. A lot of things he did help mixed martial arts grow and become more well-known. Many people know about White’s work, but not as many know about his personal life, like his wife Anne White [who used to be called Anne Stella].

Dana White and his wife have been in the news a lot lately because a video of them fighting at a New Year’s Eve party went public. Dana White has since said he’s sorry and that he did what he did because he was drunk. Let’s explore a little more about their relationship!

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Who Is Dana White’s Wife?

Mr. Dana White, who runs the UFC, is married to Mrs. Anne Stella White. She was born in the US on January 16, 1969, as Anne Louise Stella. No one wants to be named, so we don’t know much about her family.

Reports say that she has Polish and American roots. Stella White says she is a Christian, but Dana White says she doesn’t believe in God. Like her husband, she doesn’t use any social media sites like Twitter or Instagram. People can’t find out as much about her personal and professional life since she’s not online.

About Dana White & Anne White’s Marriage 

They fell in love when they met in eighth grade. White went to college for a semester, but his wife wasn’t with him. No one knows where she was or what she was doing. The UFC President did not finish his education at either the University of Massachusetts, Boston, or Quincy College.

It is also said that Dana White had to leave Boston because she owed money to the notorious criminal Whitey Bulgar and hadn’t paid it. Anne Stella and Dana White got married in 1996. They are now married and have three grandchildren of their own. Dana White III and Aiden White are two of their sons. Chatham White is their only daughter.

They’ve been together for over 20 years. Even though they’ve been through some hard times together, their love is stronger than ever. But there have been times when the two of them didn’t agree.

Dana White’s Past Relationships Revealed

Dana White has been seeing his wife since they were in middle school. But there were controversies. June White, Dana White’s mother, is said to have accused her son of cheating on his wife Anne White with ring girls and his sister-in-law in an interview.

In 2014, an exotic dancer in Brazil said she had recorded her sexual encounter with Dana White without his permission. She also said they had been seeing each other for months while he was married. After that, the dancer’s live-in boyfriend tried to get White to pay him money, which led to a criminal case against the boyfriend.


Aside from that, Stella White was with her husband when he was sick. The President of the UFC was told he had Meniere’s disease in 2012. White says he got this illness after a big fight when he was younger. What are your thoughts on their relationship? Let us know in the comment box!

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