Who Is Jack Martin? All About Lili Reinhart’s Boyfriend



Lili Reinhart has been our beloved since starring in the famous show ‘Riverdale’. The end of the show marks an end to another factor, her relationship with her long-time boyfriend Cole Sprouse.

But after a failed brief encounter with Spencer Neville in Coachella 2022, she has finally a beau of her own. And if you like us want to know who exactly is Jack Martin, then let’s give you all the deets. She recently went red carpet official with Jack Martin. Let’s explore how they even met and what’s their relationship now!

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A Little About Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart is an American actress who was born on September 13, 1996. She is most recognized for her portrayal of Betty Cooper on the hit television show Riverdale. Reinhart, who was raised in Cleveland, Ohio, started her acting career in 2010.

But gained notoriety for her breakout performance in the CW’s teenage drama series Archie Comics. Lili Reinhart is well-known for her captivating roles and range. She has won recognition for her interpretation of Betty, a girl juggling the pressures of high school life with the sinister secrets of the made-up town of Riverdale. 

Reinhart’s acting is renowned for its genuineness and depth of emotion. She has successfully delved into the film industry in addition to her popularity on Riverdale, starring in films like Hustlers [2019].

Who Is Jack Martin? Everything About Lili Reinhart’s Boyfriend 

Jack Martin attended Georgetown University in 2019 after growing up in McLean, Virginia. He did, however, take film acting workshops at NYU Tisch’s Stonestreet Studios Film & TV Conservatory. This is because he has always had a passion for performance.

He stated on his website that his “first connection to acting came from a wild experience in fifth grade.” When he discovered how much he liked acting after realizing he “fell just short of a big part in a major feature film.”

The actor amassed an enormous following on TikTok before breaking into the mainstream entertainment industry. He’s currently close to one million followers but was hesitant to get started on the social media platform.

The actor said, “I was an elitist about TikTok. I was like, ‘I’m never downloading that app.’ It’s for 16-year-olds to dance with their shirts off. Then I went on there, and I realized you can just make anything. You can make any video, as long as it’s a minute.” That’s how he went in and never looked back. He also scored a manager and talent agent through his TikToks only.

Lili Reinhart And Jack Martin’s Relationship Timeline Explored

Pictures of Reinhart and Martin sharing a kiss outside the Los Angeles airport were revealed in April 2023. When Martin shared a carousel of pictures on Instagram in July, some of which included his new girlfriend, they became Instagram official.

Lili Reinhart also called Martin her ‘cowboy’ in an August Instagram Story in which he is seen wearing a cowboy hat and leaning against a car window. They attended a Giorgio Armani event in September and made their red carpet-debut at the Venice Film Festival.

Martin also has a connection with Lili’s ex Cole Sprouse. He made an Instagram video in which he made fun of an interview Sprouse did for the Call Her Daddy podcast. This actually received negative feedback from followers.


Jack Martin and Lily Reinhart have been in a good and healthy relationship. Their followers are quite happy for them. They seem to have a real fondness for each other and their relationship seems to be full of good humor and vibes. We wish them the best. Don’t forget to share what your thoughts are in the comments!

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