Who Dies In Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom?



Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is a movie set in the DC universe. It is packed with action and suspense, with Aquaman teaming up with his half-brother Orm to take on Black Manta and uncover the lost seventh kingdom of the seas.

Aquaman faces new challenges and explores mysteries in the Lost Kingdom. With its exceptional cast and interesting plot line, this superhero film is one of the favourites of many. Now this has raised the curiosity about who dies in the Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom. If you have been looking for it, let’s get started! 

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Who Dies In Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom?

Thankfully, a bunch of characters died in The Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, and some of their fates were on a thread. 

1. The Death of King Kordax

In Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the first casualty is King Kordax, the ruler of Necrus. Kordax had a history of conflict with his brother, King Atlan, over control of the seven kingdoms.

After losing the war and being cursed to remain frozen under Antarctica, Black Manta uses the Black Trident to free Kordax. This leads to a confrontation between Aquaman, Orm, and  Kordax. Ultimately, Aquaman and Orm work together to defeat Kordax by piercing him with Atlan’s trident, bringing an end to his reign and the threat of Necrus.

The use of the Black Trident and the collaboration between Aquaman and Orm make for an action-packed scene in the movie.

2. Black Manta’s Death Is Uncertain

Black Manta’s pride and desire for revenge against Aquaman, leads to a moment where he chooses to fall to his death rather than accept Aquaman’s help. This decision adds an outline of Black Manta’s character and the overall storyline of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

It appears that the final act of Aquaman 2 disappointingly shifts focus from Black Manta to Kordax as the main villain. After being defeated by Aquaman, Black Manta is absent until the scene involving Arthur, Orm, and the Necrus leader concludes.

Following Kordax’s demise, the kingdom of Necrus begins to crumble, leading to Black Manta’s while the kingdom of Necrus begins to collapse under the ice. Aquaman tries to save Black Manta, but the villain’s pride and the sense of revenge against Arthur, compel him to let go and face his fate.

Did The Members Of The Aquaman Family Survive?

The moment when Black Manta targeted Thomas Curry and attempted to kidnap baby Arthur to free Necrus from its curse adds an element of suspense to the storyline. The revelation that Thomas Curry survived the attack due to Atlantean technology certainly proved wrong one of the prevailing theories surrounding the movie.

The rescue of Arthur Jr. by his father in the final act and Mera’s escape from Necrus with the child added a heartwarming element to the story. The fact that only the villainous characters met their demise in the film, leads to a somewhat bright ending for the DCEU, which was a surprising turn of events. 


The resolution of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom definitely played with the viewers’ expectations and delivered a unique twist on the fate of Aquaman’s family members. This has surprised the audience. What are your thoughts on the characters that died in The Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom? Feel free to let us know in the comment box!

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