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Today, October 31, is the last day to submit a request to the INPS to obtain the bonus of 200 euros.

This is the single allowance designed by the Draghi government and intended for certain categories of workers, such as the self-employed without VAT, holders of a coordinated and continuous collaborative relationship (co.co.co), sellers home workers, seasonal workers (intermittent and fixed-term workers), including those in the agricultural sector and members of the Performing Arts Workers’ Pension Fund.

The self-employed without a VAT number must be registered with the separate management of the Inps at least from May 18. The co.co.co. must be active on the same date.

Seasonal workers are eligible for the bonus if they have worked at least 50 days in 2021, those in entertainment if they have paid at least 50 days of contributions.

The bonus is also aimed at precarious school staff, including Covid staff, with a contract that expired in June 2022.

How to claim the 200 euro bonus

The procedure for sending the application is illustrated on the INPS website, which published a circular in June. You must access the Access point to non-retirement benefits section on the Organ’s website.

To access it, you need the SPID or the CNS (National Service Card) or the CIE (Electronic Identity Card). After selecting your affiliation category, you must declare that you meet the conditions and that you have not benefited from the bonus under another employment relationship and that you have not exceeded the Isee ceiling of 35 thousand euros in 2021.

The request can also be made by calling the Multichannel Contact Center on the toll-free number 803164 from the landline. It is also possible to request the bonus from the mobile network, by calling the paid number 061641164 or by contacting the patronage offices.

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