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Which is the Most Attractive Perfume Note Nowadays?




Do you have a sense of mesmerizing fragrances? Are you in search of such perfume that can showcase your personality as one in a million? Then, you must give it a try to Oud fragrances as well.

The fashion world is progressing in every valid form. From designer outfits to branded handbags, everything has a different passion. Some people love to have collections of different fashion items. Today, we are going to discuss perfume-obsessed people. If you are a person in love with fragrances, then you must be aware of the following terms; top notes (lavender, citrus), heart notes (cinnamon, jasmine), and base notes (vanilla, musk).

Let’s Know About Oud and Its Specialty

Oud fragrance lies in the base notes category with a distinguished woody, complex, and sweet scent. Most perfumers around the world love this scent because of its uniqueness than other typical scents. This intense note is not only for men, but women’s oud fragrances are also available in abundance.

The main topic today would be Oud Fragrances; their specialty, their uniqueness, their popularity, and much more.

More About Oud Scent

Oud fragrances are quite expensive than other scents because of their rare nature. It is extracted from the core of aquilaria trees which has a strong and intense scent. It is costly because this raw material is naturally produced, so keep synthetic production out of mind. These trees are found in Southeast Asia. Once hit by something, the resin that comes out, with time the heartwood changes to an oud, that can be used in perfumes. Hence, you can guess why is it so expensive around the world. All due to its unique way of production and rarity.

Oud scent is different than others because it is long-lasting, strong, intense, sweet, and very much recognizable. It absorbs into the skin, giving the best aroma to the body. In their diffusion aspect, these scents are powerful ones. This seductive note this mostly found in combination with floral notes, like facets of saffron and rose. This means that it is a spice ingredient for making a perfect perfume. So, it is one of the popular perfumes preferred by both genders.

Oud Fragrances and the Middle East

The bond between Oud fragrances and the Middle East is an old one. The reason is that Oud is regarded as the spiritual aroma in the Muslim culture and holds historic importance. It is considered “Black Gold” in the Arab countries. If you visit any of these Middle East countries, for sure you are going to return with plenty of bottles of Oud perfumes.

Famous Brands’ Oud Perfumes

Many famous brands around the world have added the Oud scent to their perfume collection. The popular women’s Oud Fragrances are listed below:

  1. Christian Dior Oud Isaphan

Who isn’t aware of Christian Dior? Obviously, every brand lover knows this brand. This perfume comes with a floral signature (Damascus rose added) scent plus oud notes as well. This perfume is a true gift to your olfactory cells. Its price ranges from £395.00 – £432.00 in the UK, according to the bottle size. It is a unisex scent used by people of many nations. It is one of the most-selling luxury perfumes around the world.

  1. Notorious Oud by D.S. & DURGA

Oud is obviously one of the best scents in the world, but what if it is mixed with exceptional notes like saffron and papyrus? Yes, this is an amazing combo for sure. We are talking about a luxury perfume from the well-known D.S. & Durga brand. It comes with the touch of Indonesian oud, saffron, camphor, lavender absolute, white galbanum, and papyrus. The intense but pleasant smell of this perfume can make you hypnotized all day long. With the best long-lasting results, it has become a best-seller in no tie at all. It costs around £229.00 for 100ml in the UK. It is also a unisex scent like the one listed above.

  1. Gucci Intense Oud

If you are in search of ladies’ perfumes, then how come you can’t think of Gucci? Yes, the most famous Gucci brand of all time. When it comes to fragrances, how can Gucci be calm?

The Gucci Intense Oud is an Amber unisex perfume that was launched in the year 2016. It is a mixture of woody, Amber, fresh spicy, leather, balsamic, and smoky oud notes. This dark, mysterious perfume is well-known for its longevity and intense fragrance. Its price ranges from £90 to £150 according to the bottle capacity in milliliters.

  1. Other Least Expensive Perfumes:

There is a huge list of local and imported perfumes that you can get easily. Many oud fragrances are Middle East based, because of their popularity in that region. Mentioning all of them is of no importance, as there are more than 1000 varieties.


Finally, this was the entire detail of Oud fragrances around the world. Now, you would have a complete sense of selecting the best women’s oud fragrances. We have made you aware of each and every aspect of this scent, from origin to famous branded perfumes, all have been evaluated above.

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