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One of the most common pathologies in Italy is hypercholesterolemia, also called hypercholesterolemia. This phenomenon affects many individuals, who are united not by the same age, but by the type of diet. To be precise, hypercholesterolemia can even cause in certain subjects increases, at least exponential, of the level of cholesterol circulating in the blood, therefore, to maintain these levels under control, subjects suffering from hypercholesterolemia are forced, even to reluctantly, to follow a special diet specific to the case.

Let’s see together what it is, but first try to learn some additional notions about cholesterol. Cholesterol is an organic compound belonging to the family of steroid lipids. In our body, it performs various tasks, some of which are of fundamental importance. For example, being a component of cell membranes, the fluidity and permeability of which it manages to perfectly regulate. In addition, it is the precursor of vitamin D, bile salts and also steroid hormones, both male and female, I am talking for example of testosterone, progesterone, estradiol, etc.

Cholesterol, which can be defined as “total”, is made up of the total quantity of cholesterol contained in the various lipoproteins. In healthy individuals, the cholesterol level in the blood is considered correct when it corresponds to a value of less than 200 mg/dl of blood. As for HDL levels, the “good” cholesterol, they should not be less than 40 mg/dl. The “bad” cholesterol, on the other hand, must correspond to an optimal value, which is between 100 and 130 mg/dl. Also, let’s not forget to check the level of triglycerides, as these are the main components of fatty tissue in the blood. Cholesterol levels undergo alterations, mainly due to harmful lifestyles, such as inadequate and unhealthy diet.

The fact of yielding to vices such as smoking or alcohol, which, together with other negative factors now widespread in today’s society, inevitably involve risks in the blood circulation, which are sometimes represented by significant obstructions in the veins, caused by cholesterol. Hypercholesterolemia has seen a sudden increase especially in the last 15 years, both in the female and male sphere. Proof of this is the comparison between the data collected at the beginning of the 2000s and the data collected in recent years, where we see that previously hypercholesterolemia only affected 24% of the population, today it concerns only 24% of the population. no less than 38%.

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