WhatsApp, the latest scam is coming: beware of the profile picture



WhatsApp, the latest scam is around the corner: pay attention to the profile picture. It may seem like a silly thing, but you risk a very big one.

Online scams are now the order of the day and hackers are constantly looking for solutions to violate our privacy. Even a simple profile picture can be a harmful clue.

New scam on WhatsApp (AnsaFoto)

Unfortunately, the risks of falling victim to online scams are always around the corner. The technological evolution of the last period has led us to have many means to communicate and carry out operations with a simple click, but this boomerang can also turn against us.

Yes, because hackers and cybercriminals are constantly looking for ways to violate our privacy and create scam profiles, which may have our name on them. WhatsApp also falls into this line of risk. The world’s most popular messaging platform is at the center of a controversial attack by criminals. In this case, this time, the greatest attention should be paid to the photo that we use to identify our profile. It can become a very dangerous tool, let’s see how.

WhatsApp, the profile picture can be a risk: how to avoid possible scams

New scams are coming to WhatsApp (AnsaFoto)

Compared to other popular social networks, such as Instagram and TikTok, on WA it is possible to see the profile picture in full screen. Not only that, since it is also allowed to take screenshots for the same images.

This has created more attempts by hackers to perform scams. Identity theft and fake profiles created precisely through stealthily stolen photos from the app.

To defend their cover image, and therefore their privacy, all users can delete the photo (or use one in which their face is not visible). Alternatively, you can choose the option that allows us to share profile photos only with contacts in our smartphone’s address book. This last solution can be good for anyone who doesn’t want to give up their profile picture, while keeping a close eye on the security of their account. You really have to study them all to avoid taking unnecessary risks.

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