WhatsApp, how to ask friends: super tip



WhatsApp, how to ask friends: great tip. You can really make a quick request with two simple clicks

The new specification allows you to deal with different users, such as those belonging to a group or within a common binary chat. Let’s see all the details together.

WhatsApp new trick for polls (AnsaFoto)

The world of WhatsApp is constantly evolving and contains many innovations on the launch pad. Users can indulge themselves month by month with something new, unexplored features that lead us to ever better usability. Today, few people can do without the messaging application par excellence, both in terms of work and entertainment.

So the new feature that is launched by the American brand can be useful in both situations. We are talking about the possibility of creating polls. This innovative function concerns both groups and simple conversation between two users.

In addition to being very intuitive to use, it is really easy to find, since it is among the other options to choose from. To add a poll to a conversation, just click on the paperclip in the writing field (the one usually used to attach an image). Here we find, in addition to the usual 6 choice opportunities, also another green one. The name, needless to say, is simply “Survey”.

WhatsApp, the ‘Survey’ option is coming: all the news features

WhatsApp (AnsaPhoto)

After clicking on it, a screen opens where it is possible to write the question and then add up to 12 options (when one is filled, the new blank is automatically added to be filled). They can also be moved in the order we prefer.

The author and the respondent can reply and also delete their replies. Everyone’s profile picture will appear next to the chosen option. If we decide to click on Show votes, we will have a summary of all the actions performed by users (who voted for what, etc…).

The limit concerns the impossibility of transmitting these polls, but there is the usual possibility of inserting a reaction as for all other common messages.

Now it will be very easy, for example, to create a way for a group to choose perhaps what to do at a party, with a simple democratic choice of votes. It may turn out to be more useful than we imagine.

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