Whatsapp, check now: you may be at risk, what you should do



A major WhatsApp vulnerability has emerged that would put not just the messaging app, but the user’s entire device at risk. Here’s how to protect yourself and make sure everything is okay.

Whatsapp is the most used messaging application in the world, and it is also for this reason that it attracts the attention of scammers. In August, a very insidious scam started on the Meta app, possibly due to account theft. A message containing a code has been sent to all contacts of the stolen profile.

Beware of the latest WhatsApp scam: malicious people could take possession of our mobile phone (Instagram photo).

Shortly after, the stolen account asked recipients to resend the code, shared by mistake. In this way, people unknowingly send the security code of their Whatsapp profile, allowing the scammer to reinstall it on another device and contact the address book of the stolen profile.

Whatsapp, how to know if you are at risk: what to do

It’s not just profile theft that Whatsapp users need to beware of. In general, it is always best to be suspicious of messages received from unknown users, whether they are contacting us privately or sharing files or links via groups. Indeed, they could very easily install malware on our smartphone.

Pay attention to the latest vulnerabilities discovered in Whatsapp: answering a video call or watching a video could download malware and put the entire smartphone at risk (Instagram photo).

In particular, Whatsapp announced that the CVE-2022-36934 and CVE-2022-27492 updates unintentionally created vulnerabilities in the application. By watching a simple video, or participating in a video call, there is the possibility of taking control of the victim’s entire device.

Here are the app versions you need to download

How to defend against this vulnerability? It’s very simple: you have to check which version of the app is on your device. The safest for Android is v2.22.16.2, for iOS it is v2.22.15.9. For WhatsApp Business, you must verify that you have installed version v2.22.16.12 for Android or version v2.22.16.12 for iOS. It is important to be sure to have installed the latest version of WhatsApp so as not to run any risk: here is how (Instagram photo).

In general, it is advisable to always install the latest version of all the applications that you have on your smartphone, precisely because they may contain patches that solve certain vulnerability problems or may also offer improvements or new features to use. on your device. .

This is a small tutorial from 2019, which explains how to know what version of Whatsapp is installed on your devices:

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