What’s your favorite? Recall the audience’s MOST WANTED series ending its 10-year debut in 2021



It is undeniable that television series have evolved from mere entertainment for quick and easy consumption to works that truly resonate within our popular culture. Previously, it was all about escape, but gradually the series began to demonstrate that film productions should redouble their efforts to reign as absolute as before. Indeed, a large part of the televiewers are fans of television programs and privilege this form of art with the contents more and more intended for the young public which “clog” a large part of the cinematographic complexes.

There is a popular saying that “the theater is the actor’s medium, the cinema is the director’s medium and television is the scriptwriter’s medium”. While that has already changed, with series that have true cinematic reach, see Game of Thrones, Westworld and the recent Round 6, the series remains the best place for creative minds to work to the full potential of their originality, with unique scripts full of imagination. For each viewer, a specific series serves as a turning point to symbolize this transition to the so-called “new phase of television broadcasts”. Although many may cite Lost as a reference, for this friend who speaks to you, interest had arisen a little earlier, with the electrifying 24 Horas.

Thinking about how TV series dominate the audiovisual entertainment market like never before and to the taste of fans, we have decided to recall in this new article the programs that end 10 years of their debut in 2021 and continue to be extremely popular, in the mouths and minds of the public. Check it out below and don’t forget to comment.

Originally titled Teen Wolf, the series is the TV adaptation of the 1985 film The Kid from the Future. The comedy starring Michael J. Fox was about a boy discovering he was a werewolf through a “curse” “family, but the situations are all taken into account. in a humorous way. The film became a cult work, generated a cartoon and a sequel in the 1980s. We jumped in 2011, at a time when mythological beings associated with terror, such as werewolves and vampires, had their mirrors financial success, however, equally disowned Twilight, whose franchise was in full swing. In this way, the story created by Matthew Weisman (who also wrote Comando para Matar in the same year) received a Twilight-style “overhaul”, turning the narrative into a teen drama – notably with MTV as the producer. The successful series lasted 6 seasons until 2017.

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Aired on the American channel CBS, produced by Warner, here we have a real team of heavyweights. Produced by JJ Abrams and created by Jonathan Nolan, brother and creative partner of Christopher Nolan, the action-thriller series uses high-tech – as is quite typical of the Nolan brothers – as the main storyline. In the plot, a millionaire (played by Michael Emerson, of Lost) develops technology for the US government that can predict terrorist attacks and crime in general by monitoring cell phones around the world. From this synopsis, we can see that Nolan may have drawn inspiration from elements of The Dark Knight (2008) and Minority Report (2002) to compose his thriller. Jim Caviezel and Taraji P. Henson round out the main cast. The series lasted for 5 seasons until 2016.

First comedy on the list. The series created by Elizabeth Meriwether, who in the same year would write and produce the novel Sex Without Commitment, aimed to capitalize on the image of a pixie girl created by actress Zooey Deschanel, then fresh off the beloved tube 500. days with Ela. Not least, Deschanel, in addition to being the star, is also one of the producers of the show. The idea was to have the actress in a role that had a lot of her quirky-cute personality. She understands her boyfriend’s betrayal and finds herself with no place to live, needing to share an apartment with three single boys. Turns and moves, the protagonist loses her voice in the songs, adding slight elements of surrealism. The Fox TV show ran for 7 seasons until 2018.

07) once upon a time

Have you ever imagined a story where several fairy tale characters were actually real, living in a land of magic? It was the creative proposition of Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, both producers of Lost. Witches, pirates, fairies, princesses and the most famous characters from childhood mythology such as Captain Hook, Beauty (from Beauty and the Beast) and Robin Hood paraded across the screen, appearing as real and human as everyone else. ‘between us. In the plot, a mother (Jennifer Morrison) and her young son embark on a journey to a magical land, after discovering that she is in fact Snow White’s daughter with Prince Charming, embarking on an adventure that will last. 7 seasons until 2018. The program was broadcast on the ABC network.

The show on the Showtime cable channel, produced by Warner, features veteran William H. Macy as an attraction. The established actor plays an Irish family man, who, due to his alcoholism, leaves the education of his five children to his sixth eldest daughter, Fiona, as the gracious Emmy Rossum. While dealing with the issues of an irresponsible father and needing to take the reins of the family to raise the brothers, the protagonist still balances work and sex life – where the program excels in spicier nude scenes of the beautiful actress. One of the guarantees of an exhibition on a cable channel. Based on a British show of the same name in 2004, Shameless was adapted for the United States by the original creators, Paul Abbott and John Wells, and ran for 11 seasons, ending in April of that year. The show holds Showtime’s record as the longest-running series in its history.

Unlike all of the above posts which end 10 years of their debut, but have ended the airing of never-before-seen episodes – with Shameless ending this year – AHS (as Intimates call it) is currently airing its tenth season. , and has already renewed with the FX channel for three additional seasons. This is success. Created by midas of American television Ryan Murphy, the secret of the horror show is that it is an anthology, where each season we have a story containing a beginning, a middle and an end; without much relation to the following season. Many of the cast even play different characters each new year. The themes used as a premise for the seasons often reflect macabre American folklore.

Ten years after the greatest terrorist attack of all time, which took place on American soil, the fateful 9/11, this highly successful program specifically addresses the wounds left wide open and how American agencies deal with the prevention of any threat in an extremely paranoid environment. way – and it could not be otherwise. The show is actually an adaptation of Israeli Prisoners of War (Prisoners of War), created by Gideon Raff. The same Raff serves as producer on the American version – brought to the country by Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon, successful producers with shows like The X-Files and 24 Hours on their schedule. In the plot, Claire Danes is CIA agent Carrie Mathison. She is resolute and begins to gather evidence that a US serviceman captured behind enemy lines, role of Damian Lewis, having spent years as a prisoner, has been brainwashed by the al-Qaeda terrorist group and is now become a traitor on American soil. The problem is, the protagonist has been diagnosed as bipolar and her mistrust may just be her illness attacking her and making her extremely paranoid. The show ended after 8 seasons last year.

The avocado series have always been very popular with the public, and their popularity is equivalent to the mass produced series on medicine and hospitals. Here, the idea behind the show created by Aaron Korsh is that it brings the cheating of his protagonist Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), who dropped out of law school, and lied on his resume in order to get a job at the famous law firm by Harvey Specter (Gabriel Match). Another curiosity here is the presence of Meghan Markle in the cast, a divorced actress who will become the Duchess of Sussex when she marries Prince Harry of England – after both choosing to give up her obligations and ties to family royal. The costumes worked for 9 seasons until 2019.

“It’s so Black Mirror.” The slogan caught on, but because of the extreme quality of the series. A phenomenon among all generations today, it is indisputable that the anthology program which has as its theme the “misdeeds” of technology in its most varied scopes has benefited a lot after the takeover of Netflix, which produced the new seasons from the third. As it turns out, the show created by Charlie Brooker was a UK production of Channel 4, where it aired its first two seasons, in 2011 and 2013. Direct descendant of Twilight Zone, with episodes that are standalone stories with beginnings, middle, and Ultimately, Black Mirror’s differential, as has been said, is to center its subplots in the near future where technology is a direct part of our daily lives, bringing often as many wrongs as there are advantages. From the third season, in the hands of Netflix, that’s when the series really takes off and reaches a new level of popularity. With 5 seasons airing through 2019 and an interactive film in 2018, the series is currently on the fridge due to “friction” involving the creators leaving the show’s producer and going to start a new company – which creates a legal dispute for the rights. Until that’s resolved, no season six.

It could not be otherwise. Although Black Mirror is a very cult series, no other can compare to the popularity success of Game of Thrones. The creation of a book series, George RR Martin, has in a way built on the fantastic adventure success that the Lord of the Rings trilogy has been over the past decade – adding, of course, darker, rougher and more violent elements. The blood was really flowing here, and the program was punctuated by countless steamy moments of sex and nudity. In other words, The Lord of the Rings is a lot more rock n roll. Game of Thrones is a story of contention, full of betrayals, unexpected deaths, and twists and turns that can shock even the most seasoned viewer. A true masterpiece. Well, let’s say, except for the result which ended up displeasing a lot of people. But nothing which does not take away the brilliance and the investment of a spectacle which was a true agitation. How has not been seen for a long time.

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