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What’s new, dear cinephile ?! – Our interview column | Part 26: Monica Marraccini



The beauty of cinema is being able to see beyond what the eye can capture. Talking about cinema is a beautiful proof of love for the feeling of curiosities that afflict this immense world in which we live. Every type of film, of every genre, seeks the important link in the presentation of emotions to the viewer, whoever they are. Thinking better to understand the reasons why cinema is such a rich thing for our existence as human beings, this eternal young cinephile who writes to you has sought out cinephiles across Brazil (some even in the world) to tell you a bit of their cinematic trajectory for you.

Our interviewee today is one of the most educated and loving people who frequent cinemas in Rio de Janeiro. Language teacher, interpreter and translator, Monica Marraccini has lived in Germany for years and tells sensational stories in cinemas around the world. Cinephile, when Central do Brasil won the Berlin Film Festival, just as she was heading back to Brazil, at the time she translated all the supporting articles that came from German into Portuguese and left them in an envelope for the Walter Salles. at today’s Estação Rio bookstore. Four years later he met him at an event and said he had received and was looking forward to this memory. These curiosities and others on this dear friend of the cinema, you are reading them now.

1) In your city, what is your favorite cinema in relation to the programming? Detail the reason for the choice.

These are the cinemas of the Estação chain, mainly Estação Rio. From the beginning, the Estação group has opted for a program more distant from Hollywood commercial cinema. I have nothing against watching a movie that is considered mainstream once in a while, there are some great ones, but I find it desperate to live in a place where these are the only movies available. I have also frequented Espaço Itaú a lot, but I have seen a shift in focus in recent years towards films that can be viewed in many other cinemas.

A recurring problem in Rio theaters is air conditioning. I’ve left the cinema sick more than once, and Itaú exaggerates in the cold weather. I really enjoyed Cine Joia during the days of programmer Raphael Camacho, because the selection was really even bolder than that of Grupo Estação and Cine Clube was a delight. If the cinema had been a little bigger and more comfortable, I think it could have remained a success.

2) What is the first movie that you remember seeing and thinking: the cinema is a different place?

My parents were movie buffs and I heard about movies and actors very early in life. My father came to shoot a western that has not been released, but it is in the catalog of the National Cinematheque. On my 11th birthday, we went down to Rio de Petrópolis to rent a movie in ancient Mesbla that my father showed on my projector to my friends. I felt very special at that time. It was a movie with Sophia Loren and not really childish, but the kids loved it. My first cinematographic passion was not very original: A Noviça Rebelde. Then I started watching Walt Disney films, biblical films like Ben-Hur and Quo Vadis, French actors like Louis de Funnes and Jacques Tati. Petrópolis had many street theaters in the 1970s and I watched wonderful films like Ryan’s Daughter by David Lean and Magic Flute by Ingmar Bergman. When I moved to Rio, I started going to the MAM Cinémathèque where I could see films by Fellini and Andrzej Wajda. When I moved to Germany I suffered a bit from the fact that the films were dubbed, but I made a lot of friends and the discussions we had after the films paid off. And I became a regular at the Berlin Film Festival, which made the cold February the most stimulating month of the year for me. When I returned to Rio, I was saved by Grupo Estação. Unfortunately, Petrópolis had almost no cinemas.

3) Who is your favorite director and his favorite movie?

Enjoy watching:

Difficult question. I really like Mike Leigh, Robert Altman, David Lean, Truffaut, Visconti, Bertolucci, Bergman and many more. But if I had to choose, I would go with the now renegade Woody Allen. I identify a lot with the eloquent voices of his films, I like the mixture of comedy and intellect. It is a pity that scandal and pessimism have clouded his current production so much. I like a lot of his movies, but I would choose Manhattan in the 70s, Radio Days in the 80s, Husband and Wife in the 90s, and Midnight in Paris in recent years. The latter made me float like Goldie Hawn. I loved this trip to the Parisian past.

4) What is your favorite national film and why?

It just so happens that I reviewed an hour ago on Canal Brasil: Central do Brasil. I think it’s a great story that focuses on the North East in a very poetic way, with a spectacular pair of actors and the late Marília Pera. In addition, Central won the Berlin Festival just as I was returning to Brazil and the emotion of the Brazilians living there with this victory was immense. At the time, I translated all the additional articles that came from German into Portuguese and left them in an envelope for Walter Salles in the bookstore at the Estação Rio today. Four years later, I met him at an event and he told me that he had received and rejoiced with memory.

5) What does being a movie buff mean to you?

The cinephile feels joy at the simple sight of a street cinema. The day of the cinephile immediately becomes happy if he knows that he will have time to go to the cinema to see a good movie. I cannot imagine my life without watching movies in a theater. As good as Netflix is ​​in life, I can’t wait to go back and buy the paper on Friday and start showcasing the movies I want to see during the week. At the movie theater!

6) Do you think that most of the theaters you know have programs made by people who understand cinema?

No. Here in Rio, we are very lucky to have a few rooms dedicated to a more demanding audience. Most theaters want to sell tickets, popcorn, and soda with movies made in Hollywood for this purpose.

7) Will theaters ever end?

If so, I hope I am no longer alive. It would be a sadness that would be difficult to digest.

8) Indicate a movie that you think many haven’t seen but which is great.

Carrington with Emma Thompson. Based on the story of painter Dora Carrington who had a platonic passion for her life partner, gay writer Lytton Strachey. The film has an incredible cast with the handsome Jeremy Northam and the very talented Jonathan Pryce one of my favorite actors. Apart from Emma, ​​of course.

9) Do you think movie theaters should reopen before we have a covid-19 vaccine?

If the rooms are not too crowded and the air conditioning is very well controlled, I think so. Otherwise, we will soon have even fewer street theaters than we have now. And honestly, I never wanted to watch movies in a car. I’ll be home soon if that’s the only possibility. Outdoor cinema may be a good option at the moment.

10) How do you see the quality of Brazilian cinema today?

I admit that I feel without authority to judge. I have no desire to see our reality, which is already very sad, on the screens of a cinema. I avoided Brazilian cinema.

11) Tell the Brazilian artist that you don’t miss a movie.

I really liked Eduardo Coutinho’s documentaries that we tragically missed.

12) Define cinema with a sentence.

As Woody Allen might say, something that makes life really interesting.

13) Tell an unusual story that you witnessed in a movie theater.

I lost control once in a cinema in Germany, as I had waited years to see Visconti’s Innocent on the big screen and two guys started talking beside me, I stood up indignant, expressing a desperation so great that they looked at me in awe. I loved dancing with the concierges of the Leblon cinema to the sound of the Rolling Stones in the movie Scorsese. Unsurprising memories are those I have from the 70s when I was a young woman who went to the cinema alone to watch movies like O Franco Atirador and there was always a troublesome guy in the room who liked to harass lonely women. . I suffered a lot, because at the time we did not talk about the subject.

14) Define “ Cinderela Baiana ” in a few words …

I have not seen. I don’t even know what it is lol.

15) Many directors are not movie buffs. Do you think that in order to make a film, a filmmaker has to be a cinephile?

Certainly. Great writers are all great readers, and I have a hard time making a good movie without seeing dozens of great movies before.

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