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What would happen to our body if we ate spaghetti every day: that’s what



In Italy, pasta is a cornerstone of our culinary tradition. According to a recent study, Italians eat an average of 2 pasta dishes a day, varying greatly depending on the fillings. Debate is almost the order of the day between those who say this is the right amount of pasta to have and those who argue that it is too much. According to experts, the main calorie intake of the day should come from carbohydrates, which is about 55% of the total calorie intake. The foods in which carbohydrates are found are fruits, legumes and cereals such as, for example, wheat.

From these cereals, flour and semolina are obtained, basic ingredients for making pasta. So yes, it is possible and healthy to eat pasta every day, because it allows us to take about 50% of the daily calorie intake that we need. Obviously, you have to be very careful with the quantities: it is essential not to let yourself be guided by diets to do yourself, but it is better to be followed by a trusted nutritionist who has the necessary knowledge to study our body and understand what what it is. Needs.

Another advice that experts give us is to vary the food (for example by varying the intake of different cereals), while maintaining this percentage of calories unchanged. Other cereals that help us increase caloric intake are: spelled, barley, rice, oats, corn, but we can also introduce pseudo-cereals such as quinoa and buckwheat in our feed. Varying the foods we eat on a daily basis guarantees us a healthy and balanced diet to give our body everything it needs.

According to some interviews, Italians consume more pasta than other cereals because it lends itself to very quick preparations and therefore adapts perfectly to the rhythms of hectic daily life. In addition, the pasta allows us to break the monotony because it is possible to season it with many different types of sauces. It is precisely the latter that you must learn to dose well, since their excess could cause problems for those who pay particular attention to the line.

Experts in the sector, therefore nutritionists, advise us to eat pasta with complete peace of mind without being afraid that it will make us fat: we just need to be followed, to understand what quantities we need and not to overdo it with seasonings. So, do not give up on pasta and let your imagination run wild, cooking a delicious dish.

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