What will be the luckiest zodiac signs of 2023: here is the ranking



Today we are going to discover the horoscope for the new year, 2023, which is now getting closer and closer. The most important and timely event will be the transit of Pluto in Aquarius which will take place from March 24 to June 11. This passage of Pluto will weaken the criteria, the achievements and all the certainties. It will move everything that needs to be moved to start afresh from a whole new head, but then it will finally stabilize in 2024, for several years, in this revolutionary sign.

Apart from that, however, thanks to the departure of Saturn from Aquarius, the various projects, relationships and even situations will be much alleviated by the rigidity that this expectation causes. Its transit in the sign of Pisces will indeed oblige to put order where it is necessary. Until May 16, Jupiter will be in Aries, which continues to multiply initiatives, notably encouraging the air signs and those of fire to move heaven and earth so that things move forward and in the right direction. Its transit in Taurus will bring relief, many changes and opportunities to water and earth signs. Want to know what your year will look like? Whether you are alone or in a relationship, we will reveal the most important influences of 2023 in your love life.

You will also learn how to manage your friends, your work, your social life in order to reach your goals faster. One of the luckiest zodiac signs in the New Year will be Leo. Those born under this sign will receive the expansive influence of Jupiter in Aries in May, greatly expanding the scope of possibilities. The trinitarian of Jupiter will become a real stimulator for them, exacerbating their ambitions and desires to fight and to impose themselves more and more.

It is good that they do not trust these reactions because they could turn against them, jeopardizing their development in opportunities, on the contrary they must try to calm this appetite for power. From April, situations will become lighter and much more pleasant thanks to the beautiful Venus which will pass through Gemini and which will take care of bringing them closer to the friends you have lost sight of for quite a while. Fortune, however, in the field of romance with new loves to come and stability for couples already formed and also in the economic field with satisfying and well-paid jobs. The other luckiest signs will be: Scorpio, Taurus, Gemini and Pisces.

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