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“What my daughter suffered”, Cesare Bocci tells everything: a touching confession



Cesare Bocci live on television confessed what his daughter suffered: his touching words came live on television.

During the live broadcast of ‘Une roue libre’, Cesare Bocci wanted to reveal the problem that unfortunately afflicts his beloved daughter. For the first time, the actor and television presenter wanted to reveal everything.

cesare bocciThe actor’s touching words (Via WebSource)

During the live broadcast of A Ruota Libera, Cesare Bocci returned to talk about the evil that afflicts his daughter. The actor first heard his daughter tell him about it last year, when he confessed to his parents that he had an eating disorder. The actor then said: “you hear a voice in your head, which acts as a second conscience which wants to replace the first”. A courageous choice for Bocci, who has decided to fully support his daughter. The actor then declared: “I loved her, we always loved her but now even more for this show of confidence that she gave me and her mother”.

Despite this, Bocci revealed that many doubts have arisen in the family. The actor then said: “What we don’t doubt is that we have always loved her, but life doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, it attacks you at that. moment and we can all be prey and victim. She found the courage, and she found it alone, with her boyfriend and her friends.” Cesare then gave advice to parents who have children suffering from eating disorders, reminding us that we must be close to children.

Cesare Bocci and his daughter’s fight: “He suffers from eating disorders”

cesare bocciThe actor confesses his daughter’s issues (via Instagram)

On Cesare Bocci’s live broadcast, he spoke with great pride of his daughter, Mia, who last year worked up the courage to confess to him and her mother that she was suffering from an eating disorder. Indeed, the live one confessed: “We found ourselves facing him because mine allowed us to do so and we are grateful to him”. Despite the progress, it is still difficult for the girl to talk about it with her parents. Despite this, when the small voice speaks now, she is able to handle it.

The story of Mia and Cesare Bocci became known in July, when during the show Imperfetti Unknown, the girl confessed to having suffered from eating disorders for five years. During this interview, he said he overcame them, also saying he received a big hand from his parents. Also in this circumstance, he revealed, “there’s this rumor ‘and it’ll never pass, you’re like a smoker quitting smoking but you’re still a smoker'”. In short, now Mia seems to be able to handle anything.

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