What Is William King Hale’s Net Worth?



Everyone’s curious to know how much William King Hale made a fortune. William King Hale, now famous for Martin Scorsese’s new movie, Killer Of The Flower Moon is known for a series of murders. The murders took place around the Oklahoma region of the USA. 

William King Hale from the Osage region, is at the center of the murders in the movie, and the investigation is significantly impacted by his wealth and political clout. 

Viewers must be interested in learning about William King Hale’s wealth and ultimate fate. The film is a portrayal of the real-life figure who was crucial to the Osage Indian murders, as portrayed by veteran actor Robert De Niro. Let’s explore  King William Hale’s net worth. 

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William King Hale’s Net Worth Revealed

King Willian Hale’s net worth during the 1930s was about $500,000, which in today’s time makes him the owner of around $10 million dollars. However, some say that a large part of his income was hidden, due to his shady dealings with the natives of the Osage region.

Hale became extremely wealthy during his stay in Osage and had a number of business ventures there. But the majority of his wealth, reportedly, came from insurance fraud. Along with being a well-known cattle rancher, he owned about 5,000 acres of land. Landowners in the Osage had given King William Hale another 45,000 acres to lease. 

Among his possessions were two houses in Fairfax and a ranch close to Gray Horse. In addition to investing in the neighborhood convenience store and funeral home, Hale held a majority stake in Fairfax Bank. 

He served as Fairfax’s reserve deputy sheriff too. Hale had a variety of business ventures and sources of income as a result. His good relationships with the natives of the region also came in handy to support his shady dealings. So despite all this wealth amassed, he came from a life of fraud and later murder.

William King Hale’s Brutal Killings

Despite William King Hale’s enormous dealings which were unsavory in nature, his case became famous due to the series of murders done under his watch. The Osage County killings took place between 1921 and 1926 and affected the family members of his nephew’s wife, Mollie Kyle.

Ernest Burkhart, Hale’s nephew, claimed that Hale was the planner behind the killings of his wife’s family. To obtain control over their oil rights, Hale gave the order to kill his nephew’s wife and mother-in-law in 1921.

Two years later, he ordered the murders of her cousin, sister, and brother-in-law. He then proceeded to murder at least twenty-six people in the following few months who had made threats to come forward and testify against him.

William King Hale’s Arrest & Death

Following the killings this resulted in his detention at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Hale was banned lifelong from ever returning to Oklahoma, where we assume his properties and the source of his riches lay, which made it difficult for him to rehabilitate in life after prison. 

In the twilight of his years, Hale found himself in a nursing home in Arizona, where he spent the remainder of his days. This led to his later life and net worth being shrouded in mystery.


The estimated William King Hale’s net worth has surprised many. However, it was said that he was rich enough to be Oklahoma’s first millionaire. What are your thoughts on this? Feel free to drop them in the comment box. Need more content like this? Then stay tuned with us. We will come up with more net worth topics in the coming days!

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