What Is Tyrese Gibson’s Net Worth?



Tyrese Gibson is a legendary R&B music genre artist, rapper, actor, author, and model. He has garnered many followers for his wonderful roles, and many of us are curious about his net worth. When Gibson was chosen to play Roman Pearce in the popular movie 2 Fast 2 Furious, the follow-up to the Fast & Furious series, his acting career really took off in 2001.

In addition to launching him to international acclaim, this part initiated a long-term relationship with the franchise, as he returned to the character in later sequels. Gibson has demonstrated his acting abilities in a variety of movies, including as Transformers (2007–2011), Four Brothers (2005), and Baby Boy (2001). Therefore, let’s take a look at Tyrese Gibson’s net worth. 

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Tyrese Gibson’s Net Worth And Career Explored

Tyrese Gibson has a whopping net worth of $20 million. A lot of this is a result of fast and furious series and other acting projects. He received $1 million for his part in Fast Five and $2 million for his part in Fast and Furious 6.

His income increased to $2.5 million in the sequel Furious 7, and to $3 million in the film Fate of the Furious, following suit. His earnings increased even further with the release of F9, hitting $4 million. His most recent participation in Fast X resulted in a $4.5 million payout.

Also, throughout his career, he put out many albums, and a few of his hits were commercially successful. Sweet Lady, one of his best-known hits, led him to a Grammy nomination for Best R&B Male Vocal Performance. Tyrese Gibson makes around $4 million a year in the music business. Selling his CDs and appearing in music videos are how he earns money. All this has led to him earning his 20-million-dollar income.

A Look At Tyrese Gibson’s Personal Life

On December 30, 1978, Tyrese Darnell Gibson was born in Los Angeles’ Watts area. Priscilla, his mother, reared him and his three elder siblings on her own. In 2007, Gibson wed Norma Mitchell. 2007 saw the couple’s daughter born. 2009 saw their divorce.

On 14 February 2017, Tyrese tied the knot with Samantha Lee. October 1, 2018, saw the birth of their daughter. Tyrese and Samantha declared their split in December 2020. After the divorce, Gison claimed himself to be broken. 

Tyrese Gibson’s Lifestyle

Tyrese Gibson has a lot of hobbies which are expensive in nature and an interest in real estate. He owns a remarkable collection of cars. His collection consists of exquisite and well-suited vehicles. Gibson has a $310,000 1963 Chevrolet Corvette, a $60,000 Shelby GT350, a $50,000 Land Rover Defender, a $60,000 Lincoln Continental, and a $33,000 Jaguar XE.

Tyrese Gibson is reported to possess a number of noteworthy properties. His opulent residences and real estate endeavours have garnered media attention. Among his prominent real estate interests at the time were an opulent property in the affluent Hidden Hills, California, community.

This estate was renowned for its opulence and generous facilities, which included a swimming pool, vast outdoor gathering spaces, and a roomy interior. Tyrese furthermore possessed real estate in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta’s dynamic entertainment sector and energetic city life have made it a favourite destination for celebrities. All this has made him quite the connoisseur for rich holdings. 


Tyrese Gibson, a famous singer, actor and model has been known for his major role in fast and furious movies. His net worth is a proof of his hard work and dedication. Tyrese has an estimated net worth of $20 million, and he also owns several high value cars as real estate properties which also contribute to his wealth. What are your thoughts regarding the famous actor? Let us know in the comment box!

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