What Is the Worst Special Edition Vehicle Ever Made?



Photo: Ford

Through the annals of automotive history, there have been hundreds – if not thousands – of special edition vehicles. Some have been very good. But then there are things like the Volkswagen Golf Harlequin and the Lincoln Town Car Jack Nicklaus Signature Series (don’t question me). Those are whatever. That’s what brings us to today’s question.

We here at the Jalopnik website dot com want to know what you think the worst special edition vehicles of all time are. Automakers are always desperate for some sort of collaboration – whether it’s with a brand or a celebrity. That means there are some truly heinous ones out there.

My example would be the 2008 Ford Expedition Funkmaster Flex Edition. I mean, holy shit. Look at that thing. What we have here is a nearly-completely stock 2008 Ford Expedition with terrible wheels and a terrible paint scheme. Yuck. If that wasn’t bad enough, all Ford had to do was wait one more year to create the Ford Flex Funkmaster Flex Edition. C’mon fellas.

This again is just one example of special editions gone wrong. There are so so so many more, so I want you guys to get creative with it. No, the L.L. Bean Edition Subarus do not count. Those are good for some reason. I do not know exactly why, but that collaboration just works, in my opinion. (Editor’s note: Andy is wrong and they suck.)

Oh, and you’re gonna get bonus points (redeemable for a spider ring or Chinese finger trap at checkout) if you tell your fellow Jalops why you think the special edition vehicle you’ve chosen is so bad. It’s boring to just post a picture. Tell the group how it makes you feel!

Anyway, drop your suggestions down below. I’m excited to report back on the misguided automotive decisions you’ve chosen.

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