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What Is the Spookiest Car of All Time?



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Photo: Andy Kalmowitz

Happy Halloween to all who celebrate! In honor of everyone’s favorite costume-themed holiday, we’ve got a very special Halloween edition of our Question of the Day. We want to know what you think the spookies vehicle of all time is.

If that sounds a little broad, it’s on purpose. Have fun with this one. Let us know what vehicle you think is legitimately scary for whatever reason. Just be sure to tell us why you think it’s spooky. That’s half the fun right there.

Maybe it’s an old beat-up piece of shit truck that was parked down the street from your apartment for a year (see above), maybe it’s a new vehicle that makes you feel all sorts of creepy ways. It could even be the classic “FREE CANDY” van. I know that doesn’t sit right with me.

There’s one thing it cannot be, though: a regular hearse. Everyone knows those are creepy. However, if your answer is a regular minivan that was turned into a hearse, that is acceptable. Those just don’t feel right to me. We just want to know what vehicles you think give off a threatening aura.

On the subject of my submission: that Chevy truck. It was parked down the street from my old apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan for the entire year that I lived there. I’d pass it every single day. Scarier still, it moved every once in a while. I’ve got no idea how that feat was accomplished. One day I will learn of its great mystery, but it will not be anytime soon. In fact, I probably won’t find out until I’m dead, since I assume it is a ghost vehicle à la the Black Pearl.

So, head on down to the comments to share your spookiest vehicles, and remember: tell us why they are spooky to you. We cannot read minds here at Jalopnik (just yet).

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