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What is the Difference Between Differential Pressure Sensor and Differential Pressure Transmitter?



Differential Pressure Sensor

Simply put, differential pressure sensor and differential pressure transmitters are instruments designed to pick up and transmit changes in fluid pressure.  These devices are crucial in industrial and automobile applications as they let you know when your machinery has an issue that could cause safety concerns.

Of course, their applications extend beyond the industry and automotive sectors. Differential pressure sensors and differential pressure transmitters fall under the same spectrum, but there are differences. Read on!

What Is A Differential Pressure Transmitter?

Definition: Think of this device as a unique pressure sensor. The differential pressor transmitter measures two distinct pressures and then calculates the difference, hence the name ‘differential.’

Working Principal: This device has elements like electronic components and sensory diaphragms. These diaphragms measure the pressure applied in closed-off vessels and give an electronic reading. 

The electronic component consists of a durable and reliable design. The differential pressure transmitter’s setup is linked to specific configurations based on the requirements of your application.

The diaphragms measure and give the applied pressure readings. Also, they can detect pressure as irregularities on the surface and then convert the outcome to form an electronic signal.

The signal is transmitted to a module, where the two values are compared, and the variation is measured in psi or kPa. So the diaphragms stay joined and intact in demanding applications; they are welded together.

Applications: Differential pressure transmitters are versatile in monitoring processes across different industries and offer many benefits. They are highly resistant to corrosion and other harsh conditions, making them worth the investment. Due to the stainless steel, they are made of, diaphragms are oxidation-resistant and have pipework issues. 

This property makes these devices useful in marine applications. Also, their functionality is effective even in both dry and wet applications. You can customize your differential pressure transmitter to include features like wireless technology for remote monitoring.

What Is A Differential Pressure Sensor?

Definition: This device measures pressure variations of two points in the flow of medium in process application (exhaust manifold). It periodically monitors the filter’s charge and performance while regulating the recirculation of exhaust gases at low pressure.

Working Principle: A single diaphragm will have two pressures exerted on its opposite sides. The pressure variation depends on how the diaphragm is flexed (positively or negatively). 

Some differential pressure sensor models have two absolute sensors, each with circuitry for measuring the pressure difference. A differential pressure value can also be measured by two absolute pressure sensors and finding the variation.

Application: Differential pressure sensors are popular in different industries and are key in measuring liquid and gas flow. Some uses are controlled heat systems, oil and gas processing, and fire safety equipment.

Differential Pressure Sensor Vs. Differential Pressure Transmitter

The most significant difference is in the precision. Air pressure differential sensors typically have an accuracy range of 0.25% FS to 1% FS, while differential pressure transmitters fall in the 0.05 % FS to 0.07 % FS range. 

Also, a differential pressure sensor can only measure non-electric quantities, air pressure, and hydraulic pressure. On the other hand, the differential pressure transmitter is a device used to boost and turn low electrical signals into higher electrical signals. Various transmission methods call different transmitters. 

A differential pressure transmitter takes the sensor’s low-level electrical signal and boosts it so that it can be transmitted over greater distances or used in a digital control system. Also, the differential pressure transmitter is suitable for converting non-electrical quantities from sensors into electrical signals.

Differential pressure transmitters can convert non-electrical sensor inputs into electrical signals for remote monitoring and control.

Take Away

The differential pressure sensor and pressure transmitter are popular in industrial applications. Make sure to consider the medium of application and its standard property index before you decide which ones best suit your application. MicroSensor is here to help. Contact us today!

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