What Is The Cost To Replace Windows In Your Home



Replacing worn-out, drafty windows can save on energy costs while improving aesthetics. But what is the cost to replace windows? The price depends on the types, sizes, materials, and number of windows needed, as well as installation labor and customization add-ons. 

New windows last for decades with lower maintenance needs, too. Still, carefully weigh options like efficiency upgrades, custom work, window types, accessories, and installation services that increase project pricing. Let’s examine critical factors impacting your windows replacement cost. 

  1. Window Types

Simple single or double-hung windows are the most economical choice, starting around $300-$800 installed, depending on the frame material. Sliding windows fall within a similar range. Standard casements and awnings cost a bit more. 

More oversized fixed picture windows run $800-$1,500. Bay windows range from $1,200-$3,000 depending on size. Specialty shapes like circles or custom geometric designs add even more to the window price.

  1. Frame Materials

Basic vinyl frames offer the most affordable option for window replacement at $250-$600 per window. They have a longevity span of 20-30 years. Wood windows range from $500-$1,200 installed but require frequent maintenance. 

Fiberglass and composite cost $600-$1,500 per window installed but are very durable and low-maintenance. Higher-end materials like aluminum and wood/metal clad run $750-$1,800 installed.

  1. Glazing Type

Standard double-pane insulating glass keeps the cost to replace windows on the lower side at $300-$1,000 per window installed. More efficient triple glazing raises the price to $500-$1,800 installed. Unique layered glazing with suspended films adds even more cost.

Any gap fillings like argon or krypton gas between panes, specialized Low-E coatings, noise reduction, and other premium glazing upgrades increase cost but improve efficiency and performance.

  1. Window Size

Custom oversized windows typically measuring 5×5 feet up to entire glass walls cost $2,500-$10,000, depending on requirements. Smaller windows under 3×3 feet installed run $400-$1,000 each. Standard sizes around 3×5 feet fall between $750-$2,000 installed.

Odd custom shapes or angles often require intricate manufacturing and boost the price. Note that reframing the rough opening adds more labor costs for atypical sizes. Always get measurements right when ordering. 

  1. Installation Costs

For essential window replacement in existing standard openings, count on $150-$250 per window for professional installation labor plus materials like flashing, sealants, and trim. Difficult access or custom work adds hourly fees. 

Be sure to factor in proper disposal fees for old windows, too. Complex projects with multiple window types could involve higher installation costs.

  1. Energy Efficient Features

Factor extra for thermally optimized frames like insulated vinyl and fiberglass over bare aluminum. Certified ENERGY STAR efficient windows qualify for rebates in many areas, offsetting added costs.

  1. Hardware And Accessories

Basic windows come with standard crank hardware and locks, but upgrades like concealed easy-lift operators, mullion blinds, and residential-grade security locks add $50-$500 per window, depending on features. 

Interior trim options like stained wood interior surround add style for $300-$1,000 per window installed. Exterior trim upgrades are also available. Accessories boost cost but offer customization.

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