What Is Rebel Wilson’s Net Worth?



Rebel Wilson’s net worth might be skyrocketing because of her personality. 

Rebel Wilson has made us all laugh with her intriguing routines and clever jokes. She has been a fan favourite for many and we can’t help but wonder what exactly her net worth is. When Rebel Wilson brought her unique style of humor. She was already well-known as an actor and comedian in her native Australia.

She has acted in movies including Cats, Jojo Rabbit, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Bachelorette, and the Pitch Perfect show. She also provides the voice of a character in the Ice Age: Continental Drift animation. Therefore, with such famous works behind her, let’s see how much the comedian is worth.

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Rebel Wilson’s Net Worth Revealed

Rebel Wilson’s net worth is estimated to be around $22 million. She has earned the money through extremely hard work and ambition. She has done amazing work in a lot of Hollywood movies, but her hard work started with her comedic Australian movies such as Bogan Pride, The Wedge, and, most notably, Pizza.

A Look At Rebel Wilson’s Personal Life

March 2, 1980, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, saw the birth of Rebel Wilson as Melanie Elizabeth Bownds. Her mother, a skilled dog trainer, first wanted to study mathematics at the University of New South Wales, but she finally decided to pursue a career in law and arts instead.

She eventually adopted the name Rebel, a naming tradition that at least two of her siblings—a boy going by Ryot and a sister who now goes by Annarchi—also adopted. Sue Bownds and Jack Bounds, two skilled dog handlers, are her parents.

Wilson excelled academically and graduated from high school in 1997 with a 99.3 GPA. She was quite passionate about acting in addition to education. Following the announcement of her relationship with Ramona Agruma in 2022, Rebel Wilson came out as a lesbian. In 2022, a surrogate mother gave birth to her kid.

Rebel Wilson’s Career & Earnings Explored

Rebel Wilson’s career has been one of many ups and downs, and she has also participated in a variety of movies and shows, some hits and some flops. In 2003, she was cast in her feature film debut, Pizza.

She also appeared in and worked on the SBS comedy series Pizza from 2003 to 2007. She started appearing in The Wedge, a sketch comedy series, in 2006 and stayed on the show until 2007.

After creating the television program Bogan Pride in 2008, she went on to become a writer and producer as well. She relocated to America in 2009, where she went on to star in several popular films, including A Few Best Men and Bridesmaid.

She starred in many even more popular films the very next year, including Struck by Lightning, Bachelorette, and What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Therefore, all this has led to her impressive 22-million-dollar net worth.

Rebel Wilson’s Lavish Lifestyle

Rebel has quite the lifestyle, going from a big house to expensive cars. She owns a ‘traditional masterpiece’ in the West Hollywood neighborhood that is built in the Cape Cod Colonial architectural style and, ironically, cost over $3 million.

She also has a second house in Los Angeles that she paid $2.2 million for. She spent an estimated $2.2 million for a 2,500-square-foot Hollywood Hills mansion in 2014, which was before her present residence. She also travels in style and lives her life as a normal millionaire does in LA.


Rebel Wilson’s net worth is a result of her acting gigs in several famous movies,  plays, endorsements, and social media presence. She has earned her everything through hard work and enjoys a luxurious lifestyle. What are your thoughts on Rebel Wilson’s net worth? Let us know in the comment box.

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