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What happens if you put the aluminum foil in the fridge? Here is the answer



Aluminum foil, more commonly known as aluminum foil, is an indispensable item in the kitchen, as it is really very versatile and can therefore be used for many things such as: baking dishes or storing open foods. For a few days, on the web, a new way of using this element has been depopulated and let’s see together how. This new trend involves unrolling aluminum foil or crumpling up pieces of aluminum foil and placing them inside the fridge or freezer.

This new mode is recommended because the refrigerator is a device that tends to accumulate blocks of ice inside, an unfortunate situation that could lead to a system overload and which, therefore, will manifest itself in a malfunction of the device. and a rather higher consumption. . The ice would in fact obstruct the air intakes which would allow the formation of humidity, mold and bad smells, all of which would certainly affect the food we are going to eat.

Experts have found the use of aluminum foil as a surefire remedy for this. The first step is certainly the defrosting of our fridge and freezer even if many say that it is a boring operation, it is good to know that it helps the device to work better by preserving our food as well as possible. Another important factor that should not be underestimated is that a well-functioning refrigerator consumes even less energy, which is also good for our wallets. To defrost the refrigerator in the most optimal way, you need to unplug the power outlet and wait until the ice melts completely.

To remove the small residues of ice placed in the corners, you just need a toothbrush and a lot of patience, but luckily the aluminum foil comes to our rescue, how? Place the sheets of aluminum foil on the walls of the device, covering each small part: in this way, the ice will no longer form and accumulate. To speed up the dissolving process, it is also useful to put rags soaked in hot water. As soon as the refrigerator is cleared of excess ice, you will then be ready to proceed with positioning the foils. This trick is one of the most effective at the moment, given the ability to give us remarkable results in a very short time. In addition, it also manages to eliminate bad odors by slowing down the formation of mold.

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