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What happens if I eat rotten eggs? The answer shocks everyone



The wise grandmother knew an old method, to check if the eggs, after a certain time past the deadline, were still good to eat. Now we’ll let you in on the secret: if the egg isn’t old enough to stink or show obvious signs of aging on the outside, ie on the shell, it can be dunked in a bowl of cold water. At this point if the egg sinks to the bottom you can eat it, if it resurfaces it is no longer good and should be discarded.

This phenomenon is due to the porosity of the shell, indeed if the egg stays afloat, it means that the air has penetrated inside, therefore, it is now too old, deteriorated. The consumption of expired eggs carries serious risks for our health, the most common being the possibility of contracting an infection due to Salmonella, which represents the bacterial agent most commonly isolated, in the case of foodborne infections, both sporadic and epidemic.

In addition to expired eggs, there is the possibility of contracting salmonella, even by ingesting other contaminated foods or drinks. Finally, we can catch Salmonella by contact, that is, in the event that we touch infected objects or small animals. But beware, it is scientifically proven that the probability of infection due to salmonella drops drastically, assuming that expired eggs have been cooked (this is also a short cooking time).

It is true that careful cooking of eggs greatly reduces the risk of infection, but despite this, it is strongly recommended to store them in the refrigerator. However, when we have eggs that have expired for several days, these cannot necessarily be thrown away. In fact, we can use them in other innovative ways, such as using them for our face, for our hair or even for the garden. It’s not a joke and neither: even if the eggs are expired, they remain precious, it is enough not to ingest them but to use them differently. Let’s see which ones.

Yes, they could get beauty masks, starting first by separating the egg white from the yolk. Then pass lightly (without rubbing) and dab a warm, damp towel on your face, so as to open the pores well, take the egg white and spread it on your face, in this way you will obtain a well purified skin. Then, to complete the treatment, the yolk is taken, which thanks to its astringent properties gives luminosity to the skin. Finally, clean your face with a damp cloth and observe the result, which is undoubtedly satisfactory

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