What flour should you never use? Here are the worst brands



In recent years, more and more consumers have decided to buy the so-called “Refined Flours” because these are almost all bleached and therefore do not alter our dishes either in flavor, even less in color. All this is certainly an advantage in the culinary field, but for our health it is not a real panacea. These are starchy foods that, while refining, have lost fiber and all the nutrients that these foods usually contain during the many processes.

Studies have shown that their consumption leads to rapid increases in blood sugar levels and also to significant gastrointestinal problems. Experts advise us to give preference to simple flours more and more and to abandon the bad habit of buying and consuming refined flours “0” or “00”. They are convinced that the exponential increase in celiac subjects is due precisely to the extreme consumption of these flours, which alter our organism, notably causing intestinal imbalances.

“00” flour is certainly the most harmful alternative. Among the original wheat grains, at the end of processing, there is only starch: this means that we give only sugars and no nutrients to our body. In the long term, this will lead to a weakening of our body making it much more vulnerable to various ailments, such as celiac disease. Flour “0” on the other hand contains a small percentage of bran, but this too is very harmful. According to experts, the flour we should consistently use is wholemeal flour.

Wholemeal flour does not undergo a transformation process, so it does not lose all the essential nutrients for our body. However, it is a complex food, as it contains all parts of the grain. We should look to the past and learn, because according to industry experts, the best method of grinding is stone grinding. By doing so, we would get an organic product and respect the environment. It is necessary to rely a little on the complete with all the products and not only with the flour.

Professionals in the sector, that is, nutritionists, advise us to always approach the consumption of whole products in order to unaccustom our palate to industrial products and take fiber and important nutrients with the foods that are part of our daily diet. our food. In addition, it is important to emphasize that our quality of life derives from food: therefore, eating healthy will lead to a radical change in personal psychophysical well-being.

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