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What can happen to someone who eats worms from spoiled food? Here are the consequences



In this article we will try to understand what are the consequences for our body if we ingest, even by mistake, the worms contained in spoiled food. It can happen in our life to ingest spoiled food contaminated by worms and larvae without, without even realizing it, but what happens to our body? Let’s say right away that generally this is not a cause for particular concern even if the ingestion of the worms could still cause bacterial poisoning.

For example, by larva is meant a common fly; the worms generally have a variable length which can oscillate from 3 to 12 millimeters. An adult female fly is capable of laying up to 130 eggs at a time and each of these eggs will then develop into a larva and it is good to know that spoiled food is considered excellent food for these small developing larvae. Let’s see what could happen to our body.

Flies could attach themselves to food day or night and could thus carry harmful bacteria that they have picked up from animal and human waste. The larvae can transmit these bacteria to the food that we will then consume and therefore we will be perfectly exposed to them, which could cause general discomfort. Salmonella and Escherichia coli are just two of many examples of bacteria that flies and worms are capable of transmitting to humans.

The term Salmonella identifies a group of Gram-negative bacteria belonging to the Enterobacteriaceae family and they are microorganisms that find their ideal habitat inside the intestines of reptiles, birds and mammals, including humans. . Bacteria of this genus are rod-shaped and motile due to the presence of flagella. They manage to develop well at room temperature, but also inside the human organism, even if they do not tolerate high temperatures and acidic pH.

Salmonella is particularly sensitive to chemical and physical agents: if it occurs at temperatures below 5°C, refrigeration is able to prevent bacterial multiplication, without killing microorganisms. On the other hand, freezing causes a moderate non-activation of Salmonella, as well as an impediment to its growth. Cooking these foods drastically reduces the risk of infection, since these bacteria are destroyed by the heat. The main risk factors for salmonellosis are low stomach acidity, alteration of the normal bacterial flora of our intestine and enteric inflammatory diseases.

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