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What are the symptoms of high cholesterol? Here is the full list



Doctors specializing in cardiology have estimated that one in three people in our country suffer from hypercholesterolemia, a disease also called “hypercholesterolemia”. Despite this, fortunately, in 40% of cases you are not aware that you are suffering from this condition, it is because in the early stages the condition has no symptoms, that is, you may not notice its presence unless you perform specific blood tests. However, there is only one exception, that is, when identified in homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia, it is a systemic impairment of lipid metabolism.

This particular pathology tends to raise the blood cholesterol level so much that it inevitably favors the appearance of peripheral deposits from childhood. Precisely for this reason, from an early age, fatty plaques and cholesterol deposits can be found around the corneas of the eyes, in the tendons and in the skin, due to genetic mutation. Hypercholesterolemia should not be overlooked, especially since this condition greatly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In particular, what is defined as bad cholesterol, that is to say what is transported by LDL, must end up in the crosshairs of the question. When this form of cholesterol is present in excess, it will inevitably end up being deposited on the walls of the blood vessels (until clogging them completely) therefore, it could cause plaques and thickening, which will hinder the correct passage and blood fluid. Therefore, the obstruction of the vessels therefore determines a less supply of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues.

This should certainly not be underestimated because if the passage of blood is impeded, the consequences from a health point of view can be very serious, such as, for example, ischemic cerebral vascular accidents and myocardial infarction, which can even cause death. Nevertheless, here is some good news. This risk can be significantly reduced, thanks to the so-called good cholesterol, which is transferred together with HDL, high-density lipoproteins.

HDL particles have the ability to transport cholesterol to the liver, where it will be eliminated, thus promoting optimal cleansing of the human body. Symptoms of high cholesterol are, as mentioned earlier, invisible for a long time. However, when it is at an advanced stage, it can manifest itself by: cramps, headaches, mental confusion and in rare cases a strong feeling of constriction or oppression. On the other hand, only in the case of homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia, the symptoms appear much earlier and consist of xanthelasma and xanthomas.

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