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What Are the Common Behaviours of Dementia Patients?



Common Behaviours

As we age, many of us may experience changes in our behaviour. For seniors with dementia, these changes can be more pronounced and varied. It is important to familiarise yourself with some of the common behaviours that seniors with dementia may exhibit so that you are better equipped to provide support and care.

Common behaviours among seniors living with dementia include:


Seniors with dementia may become easily confused and disoriented. This can lead to wandering away from the home or a familiar environment, becoming lost, or getting stuck in a difficult situation. As part of dementia care in Albury, it is important to monitor seniors with dementia closely and be aware of their surroundings at all times.


Those with dementia may become agitated and aggressive for a variety of reasons. This can lead to verbal outbursts, physical aggression, and even self-harm. It is important to remain calm when faced with aggressive behaviour and use therapeutic techniques to help reduce the occurrence of these episodes.

Repetitive Behaviors 

Seniors may engage in repetitive behaviours such as pacing, rocking back and forth, or repeating words or phrases. Repetitive behaviour can be a sign of frustration or distress, so it is important to provide reassurance and comfort during these episodes.

Decreased Social Interaction 

Patients may become withdrawn and socially isolated. They may have difficulty communicating their needs or expressing emotions, leading them to withdraw from social situations. It is important to engage in meaningful activities that promote connection and provide the opportunity to express feelings in a safe and supportive environment.

Changes in Sleeping Patterns 

Persons with dementia may experience disrupted sleep due to confusion or agitation, leading them to become tired during the day or wake up frequently during the night. It is important to create a calm and comfortable environment before bedtime, using techniques such as dim lighting, soothing music, and exercise to help promote restful sleep.


They may experience increased episodes of incontinence as their confusion increases. It is important to create a comfortable and supportive environment when dealing with incontinence products, using the appropriate products and techniques to help minimise discomfort.


Seniors may often experience hallucinations or delusions due to changes in the brain caused by the disease. It is important to remain calm when faced with these episodes and provide reassurance and comfort to the senior.


Seniors with dementia may become easily agitated due to confusion and frustration. It is important to provide a calming environment and use techniques such as redirection or distraction to help manage agitation.


Patients may become suspicious or fearful due to changes in their cognitive abilities. It is important to provide reassurance and support during these episodes, as well as create a safe and secure environment.

By understanding some of the common behaviours associated with dementia, you can be better equipped to provide supportive care and help seniors living with this condition live more comfortably. With the proper guidance and care, seniors with dementia can live fuller lives despite their cognitive changes. 

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