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Werewolf in the night | Meet the characters from the new Marvel movie



Before you start reading this text, be aware that it contains revelations about the plot of Werewolf in the Night, the famous SPOILERS. So proceed at your own risk.

Launching this Friday as a Halloween special, Werewolf in the Night pays homage to 1930s horror films and brings in elements that will be explored further in the studio’s future when the supernatural core gains more room. And since the production doesn’t care so much about developing characters, letting the audience get involved through the weird atmosphere and the simple but effective plot, CinePOP brought a summary of a few characters who should now be very important.

Jack Russell

Played by Gael García Bernal, Jack Russell is presented as a serene but deadly hunter. He’s the person in the room with the most kills on his resume. However, despite being among monster hunters, he hides himself as a werewolf in order to help an old friend escape from the mansion. In the comics, Jacob “Jack” Russell is a young man from Transylvania who is part of a family cursed by lycanthropy.

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As a young man, he moved with his mother to the United States, where, at age 18, he was affected by the curse, turning into a werewolf. He hates his “condition” and decides to use his abilities to kill and eat criminals. Created in the 70s, he is a very powerful anti-hero and was the first opponent of an anti-hero who recently won a series: Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac).

Odysseus’ Bloodstone

Although he only appears in his cadaveric form, Ulysses Bloodstone is the “little engine” of the TV movie. Legend has it at the start of the special that he was a legendary monster hunter, founder of the horde that gathered to hunt the creature that inhabits the labyrinth. In the comics, Odysseus was a warrior from the time of Conan the Barbarian who followed a meteor into the forest. In the fall, a fragment of the meteor, which was an alien spaceship, broke off and stuck to Odysseus’ chest. This stone gave him the ability to regenerate and made him virtually immortal. The problem is that his clash with the aliens ended up generating an explosion that decimated his tribe. Over the next ten thousand years, Ulysses Bloodstone amassed wealth and honed his combat skills, making him a deadly mercenary. Over the years, Bloodstone has faced vampires, dragons, aliens, Nazis, and Marvel villains. This gave him the reputation of being the greatest monster hunter in history. And even though he’s virtually immortal, he ends his story by exacting revenge and defeating the aliens who blew up his tribe.

Elsa Bloodstone

A character better developed in the special, Elsa Bloodstone (Laura Donnelly) is the daughter of Odysseus, but she denies her origins to avoid going into monster hunting, even though she is a deadly fighter. With Blade on the way, this is highly unlikely to be his last appearance in the MCU. In the comics, she is also the daughter of Odysseus, but after her parents divorce, she goes to live with her mother in Europe. When her father dies, she is called to receive the pompous inheritance, including the Boston Mansion, where he keeps many mystical treasures and artifacts. In town, she comes into contact with several supernatural friends of the deceased and receives her father’s main inheritance: the bloodstone. The same fragment that clung to his chest over ten thousand years ago. However, now the stone was attached to a necklace, which she wears and is magically attached to her neck. With her improved gymnastics and shooting skills, Elsa encounters the main monsters of the Marvel Universe and continues to act like a type of 21st century Van Helsing.


Marvel’s most iconic monster, Man-Thing was shown in the special as the brutal yet tender-hearted creature trapped in the Bloodstone Maze. In comics, Man-Thing first appeared in 1971. Created by Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, and Gray Morrow, he came at a time when science fiction was still in vogue. So it’s Theodore ‘Ted’ Sallis, a scientist specializing in biochemistry, who has been asked to work on secret US government and military projects. His main function was to work on serums that would improve the performance of soldiers. In one of his projects, he created a formula capable of making soldiers resistant to disease. The problem is that the side effect made the test subjects look monstrous. Seeing the serum’s potential, the government sent him to work on a super soldier serum recovery project. But the base ended up being overrun by terrorists. So, to keep his formula from falling into the wrong hands, Ted injected it into his own body and was quickly put down. His corpse was dumped in a swamp near the lab. Some time later, Ted wakes up as a gigantic creature with red eyes and a slimy body. This is because his experimental formula ended up merging his body with the swamp itself. He also ended up with limited intelligence, but still able to understand emotions. One of his most famous abilities is his touch, which burns people to death when afraid of him.

While I’m not sure how they will return, it’s very likely that these characters will return to the MCU in the next few years. Which did you prefer? Say it in the comments!

Werewolf in the Night is available on Disney+.

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