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Taking a brief break from 25 Years of Special Pokémon, I’ll recommend five “teen” movies for those who aren’t at all in order to marathon the adventures of pocket monsters. Teenage classics, like Mean Girls, Suddenly 30, 10 Things I Hate About You, or any John Hughes work because they’re already “beaten,” so to speak, won’t be on the list. The oldest movie on this list is from 2009, so most of them are very recent. Ready? Go!

Nerve: a game without rules

How far would you go to be successful on social media? Based on this premise, Nerve develops a very fun and exciting story about an app in which users can challenge others to complete challenges ranging from simple things, like walking in their underwear on the street, to real life situations. or death, like jumping out of a building. If the user accepts, he must save the video and upload it to the platform. The more challenges a person completes, the more credits and popularity they gain. In the meantime, Vee (Emma Roberts) starts acting and sees her popularity grow very quickly. Soon she is challenged to take on challenges with a mysterious brunette (Dave Franco). It doesn’t take long for them to realize that they are trapped in a dead end game. It is up to them to continue to play or to revolt. The film is very entertaining, offering absurd and very funny situations, while the protagonist gains confidence. Plus, the neon aesthetic is very reminiscent of MTV movies, but well executed. It is a job well worth your time.

Where to watch: Telecine

Daughter of the Underworld

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Aside from the fact that the movie spends all of its time trying to convince you that Amanda Seyfried is ugly, Hell Girl is an incredible teenage horror. Jennifer (Megan Fox) and Needy (Seyfried) are best friends in a small American country town named after a seemingly endless crater. One evening, Jennifer invites her friend to a half-enthusiastic group show at a bar. Needy refuses, but ends up going. At the bar, Jennifer throws Chris Pratt to try and catch up with the band’s singer. Suddenly, a fire breaks out and virtually everyone dies, except for the two protagonists and the group. The singer picks up a shaken Jennifer in his van, and Needy worries about raping her best friend, but does nothing. The next day the girl seems like it’s nothing, mocking the dead and terrifying Needy. This is because she ended up being possessed by a demon who needs blood to live. Now all that’s left is to use her beauty Megan Fox to seduce high school kids and eat their body and soul. Despite this silly premise, the film is about a lot of abuse suffered by women and has even been sold as “feminist terror” for tackling these controversial themes and putting men in the role of helpless. And I’ll tell you, it’s a movie that can scare, amuse, and even make you think. It should be more valued.

Where to watch: Google Play

The perfect little things card

Released direct to stream a little over two weeks ago, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is one of the cutest movies of 2021 to date. Bringing in the charismatic lady Kathryn Newton as the most famous name in the cast, the feature film tells the story of a boy who has been in prison on the same day for a long time. Unlike Feitiço do Tempo and other films of the genre, this one already begins with the protagonist already accustomed to life in rehearsal mode. However, there comes a time when he gets tired of this repetitive life without rules, but everything changes when he meets a girl (Newton) who also doesn’t obey these time patterns just like him. Then he begins a quest to find her and try to bring some life back to his life. It’s one of those classic feel-good movies that surprises you for being dumb, but really having something to say. If you are ever sensitive, you will probably end this story in tears, whether it is sadness or happiness.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

The babysitter

Directed by McG, Nanny is an epidemic in movie form. The plot is the same as Forgotten Me, but with brutal killings, gore, and lots of politically incorrect jokes. The story takes place with an ordinary boy in love with his beautiful teenage nanny. One night her parents decide to go to a motel to … well, you know what you do in a motel. Because of this, they call the babysitter for another joint night of work. The problem is, she decides to do a satanic ritual with her friends so that they can make their biggest dreams come true. For this to happen, they needed the blood of an innocent (the protagonist). They dop the boy and draw blood from him with a syringe while the boy was supposed to be sleeping. However, he wakes up and sees the Satanic Wheel begin with the sacrifice of a nerd in the living room. Realizing that the boy has become a witness, the nanny’s friends begin to hunt him down for more blood and to eliminate the evidence. Only the boy is not a fool and begins to set crazy traps to survive until the next morning. Seriously, the movie is very bizarre and the dead are very creative and fun. It is definitely worth taking the time to see.

Where to watch: Netflix

I will not give

Better than the movie itself, just a translation of its title. The feature film tells the story of three friends who are graduating from high school and will be together for the last time at graduation party. So, they decide to make a pact to lose their virginity together that night. Their parents find out and go to do whatever they can to stop their beloved daughters from carrying out this plan. In the original, the title is “Blockers”. Seeing the context of the story, the Brazilian translators decided to make this joke and call it “Não Vai Dar”. We must congratulate them! Anyway, back to the movie … The story is very simple, but ends up being reinforced by the spectacular cast, led by John Cena. The film is full of surreal moments, like the parents’ invasion of a clandestine party. However, it is not only related to this, as it also raises typical teenage questions. It’s an incredible comedy, even going “deep” at times.

Where to watch: Netflix

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