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Here is the release date, plot and trailer for the new Netflix series about the iconic character of the most famous black family on the small and big screen, the Addams Family.

The streaming colossal unveiled the release date for the new series on Wednesday: from the mind of visionary director Tim Burton, the series’ namesake character stars Jenna Ortega as protagonist Wednesday Addams.

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The actress comments on her version of this iconic character, “Wednesday is a teenager right now and we’ve never seen her like this before. Her sarcastic, sarcastic comments don’t necessarily sound cute when uttered by a young girl. who is not ten years old anymore. It wasn’t easy. We didn’t want her to be like all the other teenagers, but we also didn’t want her to seem oblivious to what was going on around her. . And we’ve never seen her so present on screen. In the past, when Wednesday came on the scene, whether it was just for a joke or she was the butt of a joke, it was always with talent and that’s what people like about her. But in this series, she’s at the center of the action. We have the opportunity to give her more depth and so she becomes a more real person, something something that has never been done before.”

Tim Burton’s new series will be available on all Netflix platforms where the service is active on November 23, 2022.

Wednesday: the plot

The series is pre-configured as a police investigation that winks at the supernatural and retraces Wednesday Addams’ student years at Nevermore Academy: the main character of the same name, played by Jenna Ortega, will have to try to control his powers. paranormal, to unravel a monstrous series of murders that terrorized the local community, and to solve the mystery involving his parents 25 years earlier.

Scene from “Wednesday” – solocine.it

The series takes place during Wednesday Addams’ adolescence and the plot revolves around these twists and turns, typical of an investigative mystery, without ignoring the social component of the character: Wednesday will therefore have to explore herself- same and also new relationships a la Nervermore. .

Wednesday’s cast

The cast of the series consists of: Jenna Ortena, as the protagonist, the iconic Catherine Zeta-Jones who plays her mother, Morticia Addams; Instead, we see Luis Guzman as Gomez Addams while Isaac Ordonez as the protagonist’s brother, Pugsley Addams. With this series, Netflix not only deprives Disney+ of a director who has worked in the animation house for years, like Tim Burton, but also manages to compete for the new television series, to be released soon by the rival, with Chris Hemsworth. , limitless.

Wednesday Trailer

We’ll see if with this Addams-centric TV series, Netflix hasn’t focused too much on giving Wednesday a depth of teen drama, to the point of making her just another bankrupt female character struggling with life’s troubles. each teenager or if it has been able to highlight an iconic figure, like that of the youngest daughter of the Addams, who has always been a bulwark of feminism, and will not disappoint fans.

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