Weather, trend reversal: the disturbance leaves Italy



Weather, trend reversal: the disturbance leaves Italy. From mid-week general improvement which will start today

How long will the unrest that hit Italy last weekend last? In fact, the beginning of the week was cloudy and rainy, sometimes even a lot, throughout Italy. But the good news is that it won’t last, as the weather will gradually improve.

Weather, trend reversal (Pexels)

Already today, Tuesday October 11, broad periods of light will begin to alternate with variability. And for the rest of the week it will continue to get better and better, with the rains giving way to light even in the southern regions affected by thunderstorms, even of high intensity in the last hours.

The first real turnaround will begin to materialize on Friday October 14 when the disturbance tends to subside, with some isolated showers in Calabria and eastern Sicily. In the rest of the country, clouds, with punctual rains in the Alps but also many lightnings which will continue throughout the weekend. Still early to say, but the trend for next week will be for a return of the high with consequent stability conditions.

Weather, forecast region by region: improvement in the North, Sardinia and South still unstable

So let’s take a detailed look at the area-by-area forecasts in Italy, starting with the northern regions. The morning will start with still very variable conditions and overcast skies in the plains, with possible fog between Piedmont and Lombardy clearing up during the day. If the weather is still uncertain here, in the other northern regions we will have more stable and sunny conditions. From mid-afternoon, this will also be the case in the North-West, with isolated precipitation only on the hills. The maximums will range from 18° in Aosta to 22° in Milan and Bologna.

In the Center and in Sardinia, on the other hand, the still unstable weather conditions will persist. Rains, sometimes even intense, will affect the Adriatic sectors in the morning, then move towards Umbria and Lazio in the afternoon. Even in Sardinia overcast, but without precipitation. Maximum values ​​that will reach up to 24° in Rome and Florence. The weather situation changes (via Pixabay)

Finally, in the South, including Sicily, conditions of instability persist. For this reason, thunderstorms are expected from the early hours of the morning over southern Puglia which will then move towards Calabria in the afternoon. In other regions, on the other hand, sunny spells will prevail during the day. Maximum temperatures with peaks of 24° in Naples and Bari.

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