Weather, the African anticyclone continues to strengthen: exceptional heat in Italy



Exceptional heat continues to envelope the Italian peninsula. The weather continues to be characterized by the African High.

The weather situation on the Italian peninsula continues to be characterized by great heat. Indeed, the anticyclone does not stop and the warm currents continue to raise temperatures: all the details.

The heat doesn’t stop on the peninsula (via Pixabay)

Bad news for all those who organize the weekend of Halloween and All Saints’ Day (from Saturday October 29 to Tuesday November 1). Indeed, an African anticyclone will arrive on the peninsula as you have never seen it before. It will therefore be time for the third Ottobrata capable of bringing great heat to Italy. According to the forecast trends, an African anticyclone should dominate not only over the whole of Italy, but also over most of the western Mediterranean (France and Spain) and over almost all of Europe.

We will therefore have temperatures that are nothing less than summer, given that the column of mercury could rise up to 27/29 ° C in various Italian cities. The only discordant note is the possible return of fogs, also locally very intense, which will reduce visibility in the sectors of the Po Valley and certain inland areas of Tuscany. The African blaze will then return to hit the peninsula with full force. In addition, the new African anticyclone will accompany the country until November 4/5, taking the name of Novembrata.

Weather, the African high pressure strengthens: all the forecasts

The weather pattern on the peninsula changes again (Via Pixabay)

The pressure is coming back to strengthen on the Italian peninsula due to a new advection of hot air which will rise from Morocco towards Spain, the Balearic Islands, France and Italy. A situation that will change little in the Center-South given that the situation is already stable, while the heat will return to the North, with precipitation that will also leave the mountain peaks. The only disturbance will be presented by low cloudiness and some mist or fog in the morning in the valleys and in the Po Valley. Let’s find out what’s happening in the three main sectors.

Over the northern regions of Italy, we will have lightly cloudy skies, except for locally dense fog banks in the early morning on the low plains along the Po. Elsewhere, there will still be no disruptions. The temperatures will be stable, and the maximum will oscillate between 21 and 25 degrees.

On the other hand, over the regions of central Italy, we will have clear or partly cloudy skies. There will also be low cloud and/or local fog in the early morning between Tuscany, Umbria and Upper Lazio. These will then dissolve later in the day. Temperatures will register a further rise, with highs ranging from 22 to 27 degrees.

Finally, over the regions of southern Italy we will have clear or partly cloudy skies except passing sails, especially in Sardinia. Here, the thermal values ​​will be stationary or slightly decreasing, with maximum values ​​ranging from 24 to 28 degrees.

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