Weather, Sunday marked by the African anticyclone: ​​exceptional consequences



We will have a Sunday with very hot weather, with the great return of the African anticyclone: ​​what is happening on the peninsula.

Italian Sunday will be marked by the return of the African anticyclone, ready to warm the peninsula again. Sunshine in most regions: we discover all the forecasts for the last day of the week.

Hot day for the whole Italian peninsula (Via Pixabay)

At these hours the African anticyclone sees itself again on the peninsula. In fact, this Sunday and in the next few days, it will wrap Italy. We are now in mid-October and yet autumn is struggling to set in. Despite the fact that in recent days the weather has still been a little capricious in some regions, the real autumn season seems a long way off. Where. After a rather mild and calm Saturday, this Sunday will again display a stable and resolutely warm weather context for the period.

A second phase of abnormal heat for our country is therefore about to open in the country, a kind of new Ottobrata that will take on exceptional characteristics. As proof, the temperatures will be recorded in certain regions such as the two major islands where the column of mercury can even reach summer peaks close to 29/30°C. The only detuned notes will occur in the northern regions and on the Tyrrhenian side. So let’s find out what’s going on in the country.

Weather, Sunday with summer flavors: resumption of the anticyclone

What will happen on the peninsula in the next few hours (via Pixabay)

This Sunday will be a day characterized by very cloudy skies due to the presence of a carpet of low clouds over much of the Center-North. Especially between Piedmont, Lombardy, Liguria and Tuscany where a few drops in the early morning are not excluded. Clouds also over the Triveneto sector, while we will instead have a mainly sunny morning for the southern regions. Let’s find out in detail what will happen in the three main sectors of the peninsula.

Over the northern regions of Italy we will have cloudy or partly cloudy skies during the first hours of the day. In addition, we will have densities that will form mainly on the Po Valley and the Prealps. While some rains could continue to hit central-eastern Liguria. Temperatures will drop slightly, with highs ranging from 20 to 23 degrees.

While in the regions of central Italy we will have partly cloudy skies with low densities in Tuscany and local fogs in Umbria. Instead, elsewhere we will have great spells. The thermal values ​​will not undergo large variations and will stabilize between 22 and 26 degrees.

Finally, over the regions of southern Italy, we will have a slightly cloudy sky with the passage of modest medium to high cloud densities. There will be no particular phenomenon to report. Temperatures here will see no major changes, with highs ranging from 21 to 25 degrees.

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