Weather, still African anticyclone: ​​where the exceptional heat will hit



While waiting for the meteorological reversal expected in November, the African anticyclone will continue to hit the peninsula: the areas affected by the great heat.

The Italian weather situation is at an impasse, with the African high pressure continuing to affect the country’s atmospheric situation. Indeed, Italy will still be hot for a while before the reversal expected in November.

How the weather situation in Italy is changing (via Pixabay)

For the month of November, we are witnessing a turning point from the weather point of view. Indeed, the African anticyclone will continue to affect the weather over Italy in the coming days, but it could suffer an outage sooner than expected. The weather could deteriorate immediately after the All Saints’ Bridge with a return of the rains. A clear autumn period could therefore open with bad weather conditions in many regions. This change in weather could take place around November 3/4, as a series of disturbed North Atlantic inflows approach.

The anticyclone could rise towards the high latitudes, thus giving way to the entry of a downward disturbance over France and Italy, supported by colder air of polar-maritime origin. We will therefore have one of the most important weather patterns in terms of bad weather over Italy. The fall of the anticyclone will give way to a favorable period for rains, with bad weather and temperatures certainly more suited to the period.

Weather, still high on this Friday: all the forecasts

The weather situation on the Italian peninsula (via Pixabay)

Some moist air infiltration is still affecting parts of the northern regions with isolated clouds and drizzle in the northwest. However, these are the latest aftermath of the disruption that has swept across Italy. In fact, at these times the pressure on the Mediterranean increases considerably and we will still have high temperatures for the period. The African anticyclone of this period affects the entire peninsula. Let’s find out in detail what is happening in the country’s three main sectors.

Over the northern regions of Italy we will have a few cloudy skies, except for some banks of fog which in the morning could reduce the view of the low plains along the Po. The temperatures will not undergo great variations, with maximum values ​​which will continue to oscillate from 21 to 25 degrees.

On the other hand, over the regions of central Italy, we will still have clear or partly cloudy skies, with the exception of low clouds or local fogs in the early morning which will cover the skies of Tuscany, Umbria et des Hautes Marches, but which in any case dissolve in the evening. Temperatures will rise slightly, with highs reaching values ​​between 22 and 27 degrees.

Finally, over the regions of southern Italy, we will have clear or partly cloudy skies. Only enamels of passage should come to cover Sardinia. Temperatures there will be stable or slightly falling, with highs ranging from 24 to 28 degrees.

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