Weather, now it really is autumn: the temperatures are dropping



Weather, now it really is autumn: the temperatures are dropping. Radical change in sight, two disturbances follow one another

Maybe we got used to it too well, but from this week a lot of things will change in the lives of Italians. Because since the end of the summer there have been many days of good weather guaranteed by the anticyclone and the African anticyclone. Now, however, it will give way to a real fall and a sharp drop in temperatures.

Weather, now it really is autumn (ANSA)

This is due to the two disturbances that will hit Italy closely, bringing conditions of instability, especially in the northern regions. Starting today with the bad weather that will quickly pass over the northwest of Italy, causing a marked drop in temperatures also in the Tyrrhenian regions. Moreover, finally, for those who have to start working in the mountains, the snow will arrive even at relatively low altitudes, starting from 1500 meters.

But even worse it will be Thursday November 3 and Friday November 4 with the second disturbance of the month which will sell off in the central regions. A decidedly unstable phase, with stronger showers and thunderstorms throughout the Tyrrhenian Ridge. But then, over the weekend, temperatures will return to near typical values ​​for this time of year.

Weather, now it really is autumn: the temperatures are dropping. In the South it resists high pressures

Looking in detail, today in the North the first signs of bad weather. From the morning, the sky will be overcast in the North-West, with generalized rains on the Aosta Valley, Piedmont and Liguria, in particular that of Ponente. From the end of the afternoon, the precipitation will also move towards Lombardy, but with isolated phenomena. In the evening overcast everywhere but with little chance of rain. Maximum values ​​will range from 16° in Milan and Turin to 23° in Bologna

The African anticyclone will also let go in the Center and over Sardinia. The day will begin with increasingly cloudy skies over central-northern Tuscany, but with no precipitation. In the rest of the regions, on the other hand, it is generally stable with a predominance of sun and clear skies. The maximums will range from 22° in Perugia to 25° in Rome.

Finally, in the South, the good weather will also dominate for today because here the African high pressure will not let go. Clear sky or at most partly cloudy over all regions and temperatures without major variations: maximum values ​​between 22° in Potenza and 28° in Bari.

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