Weather, new cyclone in Italy: Sunday with rains that will dominate



The weather situation on the Italian peninsula is destined to worsen on Sunday: a lot of rain in various regions.

The weather situation on the Italian peninsula will continue to deteriorate. Indeed, in the next few hours the rains will continue to wet various regions throughout the day: all forecasts combined.

How the situation on the peninsula is evolving (via Pexels)

Also in the next few hours our country will be enveloped by a cyclonic circulation which will cause a phase of bad weather with heavy rains and risk of thunderstorms. Indeed, for a few days Italy is no longer sheltered from high pressures and the Atlantic disturbances have found no obstacle in their way, thus managing to reach all the regions of the country. Thus the weather image will be devoted to even intense rains which will appear in the form of thunderstorms.

During this Sunday, after a morning already characterized by a worsening of the weather in most of the central-southern regions, in fact, between the afternoon and the evening, most of the rains, even sometimes intense, will affect mainly Lazio and Campania. Thereafter, bad weather will envelop all of central and southern Italy. There are therefore different areas at risk of precipitation. So let’s see what’s going to happen for the next 24 hours.

Weather, more rain in Italy: further deterioration

How the weather situation is changing in Italy (Via WebSource)

The disturbance that reached Italy on Saturday will persist on Sunday, although it will gradually move south. In fact, it will be driven by a low pressure vortex over the central Mediterranean moving slowly towards the Balkan Peninsula. To power all of this, there will be cool currents coming down from the high latitudes of Europe. Thus the front will mainly reach the Adriatic and southern regions. Let’s find out in detail what will happen in the three main sectors.

In the northern regions of Italy we will have a somewhat cloudy morning, except for some residual rain that will hit Friuli and Romagna. During the evening hours we will have rising clouds over the Western Alps with snow on the borders. Temperatures will drop, with maximum values ​​ranging from 10 to 15 degrees.

While in the regions of central Italy we will have cloudy skies that will mainly cover the Marches and Abruzzo. In addition, it is precisely in these regions that we will still have scattered showers, but which will run out by the evening. While in the Tyrrhenian regions we will have a sunnier situation during the day. Thermal values ​​will drop, with highs ranging from 11 to 16 degrees.

Finally, in the regions of southern Italy we will have a very cloudy situation, especially in the morning in Calabria, Lucania, Puglia and Sicily. In these areas we will have heavy rain and thunderstorms during the day. The thermal values ​​here will also be down sharply compared to the last few days, with temperatures that will decrease with maximum temperatures ranging from 14 to 21 degrees.

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