Weather, conditions change earlier than expected: a twist on Italy



A climate distortion is also likely to involve Italy. In fact, everything could change in the next few hours: what happens.

The Italian weather is likely to be turned upside down sooner than expected, with a resounding return of the rains. In fact, atmospheric stability will not already be guaranteed from this weekend: all forecasts.

The weather situation on the Italian peninsula (Via Pixabay)

During this weekend, a Mediterranean vortex will form that will cause a change in the weather over Italy, already between this Saturday 8 and Sunday 9, when Italian citizens will feel the first signs. The latest update therefore redistributed the cards on the table. The Azores Anticyclone, which since the beginning of this week has enveloped Italy in its charge of stability and out-of-season heat, is bound to lose energy soon under the pressure of a cyclonic circulation currently located offshore Portuguese coasts.

After days of atmospheric calm we will therefore have ocean currents which will bring clouds, rain and even strong thunderstorms. Already during the day on Saturday we will have greater cloud cover, especially in Sardinia and part of the northwest, while the sun will continue to dominate the scene in the rest of the country. While the change will be more evident on Sunday. In fact, here a truly unstable front will vehemently strike certain sectors of our country. Given the thermal contrasts and the convergence between different air currents, the risk, in some cases, of violent storms cannot be ruled out. So let’s find out what’s happening on the peninsula.

Weather, new Mediterranean whirlwind on the peninsula: forecasts

The weather situation on the Italian peninsula (Via Pixabay)

The peninsula’s subtropical anticyclone ends on the central Mediterranean and Italy, to say the least. In fact, in these hours it is threatened by new Atlantic currents coming from the United Kingdom and by a depression on the Balearic Islands which already brings strong storms to the Iberian sector. If not in the next few hours, then already in the next few days we will have precipitation ready to hit the Italian peninsula. Let’s find out in detail what is happening in the three main sectors.

Over the northern regions of Italy, we will have little or irregularly cloudy skies since the morning but with medium to high clouds rising in the northwest. In addition, from the afternoon we will have local rains over the Western Alps which will persist into the evening. Temperatures will be stationary, with maximum values ​​ranging from 22 to 25 degrees.

On the other hand, in the regions of central Italy, we will have the early morning hours marked by partly cloudy skies with passing sails. During the evening hours we will have greater icing ready to strike over Lazio and Abruzzo. Here too we will have stable temperatures, with highs ranging from 22 to 26 degrees.

Finally, over the regions of southern Italy, we will have partly cloudy skies with medium to high clouds in transit. Possible rains will also fall from the afternoon in Sardinia. The temperatures will be without too many variations, with maximums that will stabilize between 22 and 26 degrees.

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