“We shared the same boy”, Barbara d’Urso surprises her audience with a friend



Barbara d’Urso is always full of surprises, but this one was hard to imagine: her ecstatic audience

The Neapolitan host landed in the world of podcasts with “Amiche mie” which she promoted in the weekly Chi and in which she revealed some anecdotes about her dear companions who surround her.

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Barbara d’Urso and her friends Angelica, Gabriella, Loredana, Serena and Patrizia gave a long interview to the weekly Chi to promote her personal podcast. Yesterday the first two episodes were released on the main platforms, including Spotify, on which it will be possible to hear the 6 friends chatting.

In Alfonso Signorini’s weekly, the Neapolitan presenter revealed that she had shared – without their knowledge – a boyfriend with her friend Serena: “We were at a modeling casting and, in the long waits, even if we weren’t friends yet, we noticed we had the same ring. There we found out we were engaged to the same boy. A man had a fight between two girls who, in the end, became great friends with each other. Years later, not long ago, the three of them met again: “We met him a few years ago in Naples, he was at the presentation of his latest book”. friendly and funny in memory of old times and archived facts.

Barbara d’Urso and the relationship with Patrizia: saved from drugs

Serena is the sister of Patrizia, another close friend of Barbara d’Urso who seems to have saved her life. In fact, in the past, the podcast’s protagonist had a drug addiction as she herself admitted. At the weekly Chi, she revealed that she had lived through really dark periods from which the Neapolitan host pulled her: “Barbara tried to help me several times and in every possible way”.

Inevitably, then, the two lost each other, only to find themselves accomplices Serena and Angelica years later: “I remember when we kissed again like it was yesterday. I get goosebumps thinking about it.” Angelica is the protagonist of the first two episodes of the friendship podcast created by Barbara d’Urso.

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