“We have lost a great friend”, what a pain for Renato Zero: the heartbreaking message



Renato Zero is ready to celebrate his 70th birthday in style. Despite this, he wanted to remember a famous friend who no longer exists: his words.

The big event ‘070’, the concert that will celebrate Renato Zero’s 70th birthday, is fast approaching. The icon of Italian music at that time wanted to remember a famous friend: his words are heartbreaking.

The singer during a press conference (Via Ansa Foto)

The Circus Maximus is preparing for an evening of great music and will be full of people. The event in question will be the first episode of 070. Renato Zero, as we all know, glued an entire generation to the small screen in his big show broadcast on Canale Cinque with the first episode. Il cantante ha voluto esibirsi nel sul palco romano, portando in scena i suoi principali brani oltre ad ospitare grandi personaggi del mondo della tv e della musica come il suo amico Giorgio Panariello, ma anche Jovanotti, the actress Paola Minaccioni e Michele Zarrillo tra gli others.

There was a moment of great emotion when the Italian artist wanted to remember a colleague who unfortunately is no longer there. In fact, Renato wanted to pay tribute to another icon of Italian music like Lucio Dalla. The singer-songwriter passed away in 2012, ten years ago, and left a forever filled void in the lives of his fans and all who were lucky enough to experience it. On stage at Circus Maximus, Zero revealed that he wanted his friend and colleague to be on stage at this extraordinary event.

Renato Zero remembers Lucio Dalla: “We lost a great friend”

The singer during a former performance (photo Getty Images)

In 070, Renato Zero didn’t just remember Lucio Dalla. In fact, during the performances, Massimo Ron burst onto the stage, who, together with the Roman artist, interpreted on the notes of Piazza Grande, a famous piece by Lucio Dalla that the two sang in tribute to the late Bolognese artist, a great friend of both. Before performing, Renato Zero wanted to remember Lucio Dalla again, saying: “Hi Lucio, wherever you are”, triggering thunderous applause from the audience.

Among the great guests of the first episode of 070 at the Circus Maximus, Renato Zero found himself sharing the stage with two of them. Amedeo Minghi and Michele Zarrillo, who burst into the great show of the singer with whom they performed on the notes of Il Carrozzone. This Zero single was released shortly before the 80s and managed to garner an enviable success, like all of the singer’s discography.

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