Ways to Upgrade and Improve Your Car



If you are not happy with the way your car looks, you can always make changes. Upgrading your car and making changes will make your car feel much more unique. Improving and upgrading your car may take time, so you need to start creating a realistic timescale as soon as possible. Having a timescale in place will allow you to get all the jobs and work done that you want. Knowing exactly what improvements you want to make is crucial. So what should you start considering?

The Seats and Floor Mats

The seats in your car may be costly to change completely, but that does not mean that you cannot add car seat covers. These can be made with many fabrics and materials, and they can allow you to completely change the aesthetic of the interior of the car. You may also want to look at adding personalized floor mats. You can add mats that have your initials on them or mats that have coloured borders. When you are looking at adding seat covers or floor mats, make sure you purchase items that are hardwearing. For example, cheap and thin car seat covers may be OK for a few months; however, after this, they may look tacky and end up ageing your car.

Interior Finishes

If your car has a wood finish on the dashboard or even a plastic finish you are not content with, you can change it. You can change the colour with spray paint, or you can get the dash and other trims/finishes removed and then replaced. When you are looking at upgrading interior finishes, you need to make sure that trims and finishes are fit for purpose. Also, make sure that they are not impacting any safety features you have fitted in the car, (such as the airbag in the steering wheel).

Adding a New Number Plate

One way you can upgrade your car is to add a new number plate. Old number plates can age a car if you are not careful. A new number plate that is personal and that spells out a name or perhaps a suffix registration may be a good idea. A new number plate can make your car easily identifiable, and it can change how the exterior of a car feels.

Useful Tip: Always keep in mind how you want your car to look once all upgrades have been carried out. Keep this image or idea in your head, and then work from here. This way, you will retain (and work towards) a vision.

Changing Wheel Trims

Adding new wheel trims may have been something that you have considered before. New wheel trims can make all wheels look bigger, and they can once again change the exterior aesthetic of your car. New wheel trims that feature many spokes (or specific designs) can make a car look sportier. Wheel trim additions can be carried out by a competent person. They can be costly if you get this work carried out at a garage or mechanic.

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