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Ways to keep a long-distance friendship alive & thriving!




Job, career, relationship, and passion-these big milestones kept our minds occupied while growing up, especially during our college days. In fact, these still have an ironclad grip on our lives even now. After all, these ‘goals’ are what marked our transition from a carefree teenager to a busy adult now.

While many of us were prepared for the hardships of adulthood to some extent, some of us just dove deep into the raging currents unequipped. But one thing that we all had in common was a collective unpreparedness for the changing face of friendship. Almost all of us didn’t anticipate or maybe voluntarily avoided just how much our friendship dynamics would change with time.

As our life grew progressively busy, the meaning of friendship changed, and the effort required to sustain it also changed. From watching our best friend daily to constantly failing to make appointments to meet, our busy schedule keeps us stuck. So, we try to compensate for the time lost through sweet gestures, such as sending them gifts or ordering Bakingo cake online for them on their birthdays.

However, we still crave to reignite the same connection we once had with our friends. The memories of our late-night hunts for delicious food or the impromptu jamming session with our friends keep flashing in our minds.

But this is an undeniable way of life. We leave some people behind as we keep moving ahead. However, some friendships are too good to let go of, even if you live miles away from those friends. They are the people that supported you unconditionally, loved you dearly and shaped you into the person you are today. So, how does one actually navigate the dwindling friendship bonds amidst hectic work and personal life?

We have got some great tips to keep your long-distance friendships thriving. So, keep reading!

Keep track of important events

Special events become even more important when you live far away from your loved ones. Since you don’t have the privilege of meeting and talking with your friend whenever you wish as an adult, their birthdays and anniversaries are the perfect time to get in touch. Of course, this is not the only time you talk to your friends, but going out of your way to do something special during these events makes them feel cared for. With technological advancements, sending them a personal message, a gift, or even a baked treat on their birthdays is no longer difficult.

Take small steps

Rather than completely removing yourself from your friend’s life, keep them updated about little things. Send them messages every so often, have short chats with them, and send them links to articles you liked or videos you watched. Basically, make them active participants in your life. Something as small as watching a series together and then discussing it whenever you get the time can help a lot in feeling included. 

Video call them regularly

Yes, video call seems like a hassle, but it is all worth it. No matter how many calls you get on with your friend or how many reels you share, the personal connection of watching them and observing their expression is undeniable. It even makes everything feel extra authentic and helps with not feeling excluded from your friend’s surroundings. On a video call, you will be able to express yourself fully and keep your connection going.

Plan trips together

Make some time out of your life to accommodate a short trip with your friend occasionally. Yes, your dates might not always align, or one of you might just not feel like it. But one of you has to take charge of getting your friend group together and getting the plans kicked off. You can even go somewhere close, as you need not visit an exotic location to relive your friendship days. Your friend group can even come together to make use of your connection to find a budget place that can work perfectly for a weekend trip.

You can use these tips to get in touch with your friends again or to keep your long-distance friendship going strong! Hopefully, with time, we will learn to strike the perfect balance between work and the lifelong bond we cherish.

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